It's hot, it's a bit stuffy, air doesn't circulate very well, you sweat a lot. I'm not talking about the jungle, I'm talking about your bedroom in the summer. We've seen record temps across the nation and while that might make grilling out and going to the beach fun, that heat is not welcome is in the bedroom when you're trying to sleep. With this in mind, we've rounded up all of our favorite items to stay cool at night in your bedroom this summer.

Air Conditioning

For a lot of the country, central AC is a given in every home. However, if you live in an urban apartment or a city that doesn't get hot that often, you may be fending for yourself when the dog days of summer come around. The obvious solution (and in many cases, only solution) is to install a window AC unit. These are our top picks.

Tower Fans

Let's face it, air conditioning is expensive. If you don't want to break the bank on AC or just want something to circulate the air, a tower fan is your best bet. Give the palm leaves a rest and buy one of the most affordable cooling devices out there.


Often overlooked when deciding how to set up the perfect bedding situation, the pillow is sadly something we could all probably pay a bit more attention to. Not only do you not want to sleep on an uncomfortable pillow but you also don't want it to leave your face all sweaty and sticky all throughout the night. These are our favorite pillows to keep you cool.


As the main piece of bedding you have contact with at night, you want to be sure that you pick out the right sheets to keep you cool when the summer heat rises. Is there anything worse than waking up covered in sweat? We're not sure there is. These are the best sheets for cutting down on the swamp.


Believe it or not, the mattress beneath your sheets makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping you cool on a nightly basis. You spend a third of your life on this thing, so you want to make sure it is optimized for your specific sleep habits.