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Inova XO3 Flashlight



“Yeah, it’s tactical, Matte black, overbuilt, and expensive.” That sums up the Inova XO3 pretty damn well. Well, all except one thing. Inova has been kind enough to skip the expensive part.

Machined from a solid block of aluminum, this sucker is shockproof, crushproof, and water-resistant. It has a 5.8 watt LED which, coupled with its precision optical system, throws an effective beam out over 250ft (from testing, that seems quite modest). At only six inches long, it’s almost identical in size to that Mini-Mag lite you carried to summer camp, while packing a light so much brighter that you’ll need to be careful not to blind yourself.


The “tactical endcap” allows you momentary on control, or it can twisted down for constant on mode. After a life lit by incandescent flashlights, the XO3 has been… enlightening (I’m here all day folks..). Although the XO3 was built with spec ops in mind, it’s equally useful for your glove box or nightstand. It’s best feature (the price tag), makes it a light that both you and the Pentagon can afford.

Editor’s Note: Unless you really don’t like someone, avoid playing flashlight tag with the Inova. It is, however, funny to watch people shine it on their hand and literally be blinded just by that (my Dad did this more than once).

Cost: $51

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