The ELEMNT Mini Is an Uncomplicated Yet Powerful Bike Computer for the Everyday Cyclist

Wahoo Fitness’ new cycling computer gets rid of excess technical features you’ll never use — unless you’re training for the Tour.

We’re gluttons when it comes to gear. Our eyes are bigger than our garages, closets, and often our physical capabilities and needs too. We’re allured by items that are laden with features, even when they’re highly specific and generally expensive. Whatever happened to simplicity? Why buy a 30-function multitool when all you need is a bottle opener?

Wahoo Fitness, maker of powerful sensors, monitors and other technical training devices, gets that. That’s why it just introduced the ELEMNT Mini to its collection of sensor-based bike computers. Wahoo shaved away many of the technical features that go unused by more casual cyclists (and got rid of some weight — the Mini weighs just 1.1 ounces). There’s still plenty left in the little device, like sensors for speed, distance, time, heart rate and cadence. The Mini also pairs to your smartphone via the ELEMNT companion app for tracking an entire ride via GPS and any texts or calls you receive are pushed right to the tiny, 1.8-inch screen. The price is cut down significantly too — the ELEMNT Mini is available for only $99.

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