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This Genius Bandana? It's Also a Towel

Banish sweat and stay stylish on the trail, all at once.


It's 2022, in case you didn't know, and most of us that spend time in the outdoors are aware that cotton just doesn't cut it when it comes to staying cool. Sure, it can be organic, and even breathable to an extent, but when you pit it against performance fabrics like polyester, tencel and merino wool, cotton just doesn't pass muster. Why then, do we continue to wear sweat-absorbing cotton bandanas around our necks?

The sun protection and added pizazz of a bandana are undeniable, but in traditional cotton options, so is the sweat. Sure, a standard cotton bandana will soak up your blood, sweat and tears, but then it's just... sitting there. On your neck. Kinda gross, right?

The good folks at Nomadix decided enough was enough — this summer, there needed to be a new option for hikers, climbers and campers who want the pros of a bandana without the cons. We assume that was the ethos behind developing the aptly-named Bandana Towel — a micro-suede, sweat-wicking wonder that keeps you clean, dry and protected from the sun.

The Bandana Towel is made with post-consumer recycled materials, and is rated UPF 50+ for optimal protection from the sun's harmful rays. The little neck towel that could is sand resistant, pet hair resistant, odor-resistant and super absorbent, with a 4:1 water to weight ratio. It dries four times as quickly as cotton terry, so you can sweat as much as you'd like and still stay comfortable on the trail. And at 23 x 23 inches and just two ounces, you'll be able to protect delicate skin from the sun without being weighed down.

The Nomadix Bandana Towel is available now, in five colorways.

Nomadix Bandana Towel: Liberty
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