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Yeti's New Nordic Collection Brings a Cool New Lineup of Colors

Some of your favorite mugs, bottles and coolers, now clad in shades of violet and cerulean.

yeti nordic collection

There's a lot to love about Yeti's lineup of coolers, drinkware and other products: the impressive durability; the attention to quality; the ability to keep food and drinks cold for lengths of time so great it would give Captain America PTSD. But there's also plenty to be said for their visually attractive qualities. Let's face it: before Yeti, how often did you ever stop to think, boy, that's a good-looking cooler, or daaamn, check out that travel mug?

Much of that desirability comes from the brand's sleek-yet-sturdy design aesthetic, but Yeti also does a solid job of sprucing up that visual appeal by rolling out distinct colorways and other updates every so often to freshen up their products. (For example, Yeti's king crab-inspired orange collection of yore.)

Now, the brand is bringing another pop of nature-inspired color to its lineup: the oceanic blues and seaside purples of Yeti's new Nordic Color Collection.

As the name suggests, the new Nordic-themed line is inspired by the palette found at high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, from seaside Swedish towns to craggy Icelandic caves and mountains to the fjords and forest skies over Norway. The purple, in particular, seems inspired by the violet sea urchins found in the oceans; the blue, in turn, brings to mind the dark, deep water where Scandinavian versions of the Downeaster Alexa ply their trade.

We've included a few of our favorites from the new collection below, but there's way, way more where these came from; check out the entire Nordic Color Collection here.


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