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Nike’s New Running Jacket Looks Strange for a Reason

Nike’s latest running jacket looks different, but is designed intentionally to help runners maintain their training in harsh weather.


Running in the cold and rain sucks. There’s no way around it for anyone with a regimented training schedule though, and the only solution — a running jacket — always seems to fall short. No matter how light they are, jackets that protect from rain and wind will never be as breathable as your favorite t-shirt. As your body heats up during a run, it expels moisture, and a jacket quickly becomes an inescapable sweatbox. But Nike’s new Sphere offers a way out.

Nike describes the Sphere as a “Transform Running Top,” which is a title that gets right to the point of what’s different about it as a layer. It features an ultralight rain shell that can be removed during a run and stashed away in a hoodie-style front pocket. What’s left beneath is a synthetic long sleeve shirt that’ll wick away sweat.

Even when that outer layer is on, the Sphere doesn’t offer full-body coverage in the same way a traditional jacket would. Like a poncho, it lacks sleeves and lower back coverage (but does have a hood), providing protection from precipitation in the key zones where its needed while leaving plenty of room for breathability where it can. Sure, the design looks a little kooky, but it might be the perfect construction for optimal shoulder-season running.

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