Wenger RangerGrip 90

Pocket protection


The latest addition to Wenger’s line of ergonomically-handled utility blades the RangerGrip 90 is all about the grip. Sporting a rubber grip insert within a high-visibility yellow recyclable handle, the 90 is ideal for sweaty palms in hot or tense conditions or stiff fingers in cold ones. The thickness of the four-layer multi-tool also gives it just the right amount of substance for easy handling. Featuring nine tools with 15 functions, the RangerGrip 90 comes with a one handed-opening full-sized blade, sturdy spring-loaded needle-nosed pliers, and a truly functioning saw even Aron Ralston would appreciate. At 9 ozs and 5+ inches in length, the knife is best suited to longer trips/expeditions where functionality is a priority over weight.

Buy Now: $180

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