Kickstarter: Bosavi Headlamp

Light the Way

Joseph Schell

Sound principles don’t always create success, but they certainly don’t hurt. The Bosavi Headlamp ($80) is a multi-purpose light backed by the fundamental axiom of usefulness, something too often taken for granted.

While flexible-use lights abound, the Bosavi provides a quality of design and ingenuity that sets it apart. Environmental friendliness and quality hands-on manufacturing are the lamp’s basis: out of these ideas spring a rechargeable lithium ion battery — it can be charged by a host of things, including your computer or a solar charger — a super bright 110-lumen LED using “pulse width modulation”, a more efficient regulation system than other lights. Doubled usage as a bike light and packaging that can be folded into a useful lantern is a big bonus. Bosavi’s brightness is easily adjustable and the lamp even gives feedback on its remaining battery life.

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