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The Best Travel Pants of 2022

These adventure-worthy pairs expertly balance comfort, function and style.

best travel pants

Any article of clothing that claims to be “perfect for travel” has an agenda. Like the word “natural” appearing on packaged food, a phrase like “travel-ready” is a vague and enticing smokescreen that can signify any number of qualities at the heart of which lies the question: What makes this thing better for wearing in places other than the place where I live?

Pose the inquiry to any given brand, and the response might mention a tech-y fabric or maybe a modular feature (or nothing unique whatsoever). The riddle is particularly true of pants. What makes a good pair of travel pants? Is it comfort? Durability? The number of pockets? All those elements matter, yes, provided they add up to a blend of form and function that lets you step off a plane and onto all sorts of adventures. In their own ways, the following options each fit the bill.

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Backcountry Stepstone Workwear Pant
Best Upgrade Travel Pant
Foehn Brise Schoeller Pant
Most Wallet-Friendly
REI Sahara Path Pants
Most Versatile
Topo Designs Global Pants
Best Pockets
Roark Layover 2.0 Travel Pant
Now 36% off
Most Comfortable
Patagonia Twill Traveler Pant
Best Cargo Style
686 Anything Cargo Pant
Best for Trail to Bar
Arc'teryx Levon LT Pant
Best for Work
Western Rise AT Slim Pant
Most Popular Travel Pant
Flint and Tinder 365 Pant
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