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3 Perfect Valet Trays, Curated

A place to put your favorite goods.

Henry Phillips

Whether on top of your dresser at home or the corner of your desk at work, the valet tray provides an unchanging surface to cradle the contents of your pockets, the ephemera of your carry. It’s not so much about strict order as it is the idea of order — and the desk tray continually provides an oasis of organization in the midst of daily chaos. No matter the form — leather, porcelain, or wood — the purpose remains the same: a designated vessel for your favorite items, the practical, the necessary, the extraneous, the extravagant.

Valet 1


White Porcelain Change Tray by Hermès: “The vision for this tray is blending understated luxury with items that age well. The painted porcelain tray by Hermès is the ultimate luxury backdrop for a range of tasteful everyday items. A bone-handled knife, fine Parisian wallet and braided leather keychain are firmly rooted in the organic, while a palladium-plated pen is a small metal indulgence. The well-patinated silver of the vintage Navajo jewelry balances out the new shine of the Omega Seamaster. Small details are a microcosm of the overall aesthetic — the filigree on the David Kind sunglasses is hand tooled and the guitar picks are made of horn and buffalo bone.” – John Zientek

Buy Now: $550

Seamaster 300 Watch by Omega $4,250
Bone Pocket Knife by Poglia & Co. $265
Roman Sunglasses by David Kind $285
Polished Leather Bifold by Berluti $550
Fish-Hook Keychain by KikaNY $52
Retro Palladium-Plated Pen by Caran D’Ache $150
Jazz Tone Horn and Bone Picks by Timber Tones $16
Navajo Jewelry circa 1960 Inquire

Valet 2


Large Valet Tray by Billykirk: “The spirit here is to mix the everyday and elevated. One shouldn’t leave a Patek Philippe out in the open on a leather tray, but a distinctive lighter like the Davidoff ‘Year of the Sheep’ can be kept handy (and out to be tested by any visitors — the ‘click’ of the lid just feels like success). A good wallet is worth investing in, sunglasses are the first thing anyone notices about your style, and I like to keep my key rings as minimal as my collection of keys (three, that’s all). In other words, it’s everyday functionality, brought up to speed with what I like about my favorite design/style pieces.” – Matthew Ankeny

Buy Now: $43

M40 Date Watch by Uniform Wares $700
The Kalan Knife by Otter-Messer x Ulrich Hennicke $288
Bentley 51 Sunglasses by Garrett Leight California Optical $315
Intrecciato Cardholder by Bottega Veneta $250
FreeKey by Freekey $7
Double Flame Lighter by Davidoff $1,020
Yamasa Robusto by Davidoff $20

Valet 3


Large Catch by Craighill: “Exploring the platitude that all New Yorkers wear black, Amy Larocca of New York magazine recently quoted the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto: ‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time,’ said Yamamoto. ‘But above all, black says this: “I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me.”‘ In that case, the color black is more utility than peculiarity. And I like things that work.” – Jack Seemer

Buy Now: $90

GD400HUF-1 by G-Shock $190
The Chapter by The James Brand $275
P-3 Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering $149
Journeyman Wallet by Tanner Goods $60
Transit Issue Key Chain by Apolis $28
Crystal Pen by Bic $5
Black Aluminum Phone Case by EXOvault $200
Notebook by Appointed $24

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