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These Designers Turned Burnout Into a Brand Built on Wellbeing

The Museum of Peace of Quiet is a clothing brand, not a real place. But its founders want you to visit in your mind.

museum of peace and quiet

The health and wellness industry has come a long way. We're far removed from the days of fad diets and Richard Simmons workout clips. And mostly for the better. According to McKinsey, one of the largest global consultancy firms, 79 percent of people — based on a survey of more than 7,500 people from six countries — think that wellness is important. 42 percent place equal emphasis on it as they do work and their social life.

This shift in priority is triggering an uptick in individuals working out — both at the gym and at-home, despite long-term COVID restrictions that shuttered gyms for most of 2020 and a portion of 2021. Outdoor individual sports participation shot up 84 percent in 2021. Home exercise app use went up 72 percent. Newfound (and regained) interest in physical activity is (hopefully) making us healthier as a whole. It's also causing serious financial growth in the health and wellness and sports and fitness categories.

Right now, the industry at large is estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion dollars. McKinsey expects it to grow by 5 to 10 percent annually, making all of this as much a financial investment as it is a commitment to cleaner, healthier living. This dichotomy has created superfluous brands aplenty, but also some real innovators — see: at-home gym solutions and mental health and meditation apps.

peace and quiet
Although not a real place, the Museum of Peace & Quiet can be a reminder to slow down and center yourself.

Others were born from their founders' realizations about their own wellbeing. At least that's the case for Museum of Peace & Quiet, a contemporary American label that makes everything from apparel and footwear to yoga mats and meditation seats, to water bottles and coffee mugs, to candles and kids' clothing.

"Museum of Peace & Quiet was mainly inspired by our road trip in 2018 after spending some time in the Southwest. We had a lot of ideas come out from our travels, it was our way of preserving those moments into something tangible and we sort of just wanted to pay homage to all the places we love and emphasize the importance of slow, thoughtful living," says Ashley Lennon, who co-founded the brand with her husband, Christion. "The name itself resonates with people in an interesting way and captivates attention."

museum of peace and quiet
From ’Natural’ college sweatshirts to ’Naturalist’ totes, the Lennons emphasize a connection with what’s real.

The name certainly caught mine. Since there are already museums for pizza, ice cream and even sex, a museum dedicated to peace and quiet sounded pretty plausible. Instead, it's an advocate for the two.

"Our ethos has been based around mindfulness and slow living," Ashley says. But that wasn't always the case. Ashley and Christion started the brand after their trip through the southwest, but they took the trip because they were both feeling burnt out, tired from their jobs in the wellness and fashion fields, respectively.

"Burnout can sneak up on you before you know it," Ashley says. "I think it’s definitely something the majority feels at a certain point in their life. Whether it’s from work, routine, or just trying to get by. It’s a constant reminder to make sure to schedule time for yourself to do things you enjoy."

peace and quiet
Museum of Peace & Quiet recently collaborated with Vans on two pairs of sneakers and two mules.

Museum of Peace & Quiet quickly became something they both enjoyed doing. "It’s not an actual physical place," Christion jokes, but "it’s a space where we can upload all of our ideas, concepts and experiments in."

So far, they've released several collections, collaborated with brands like Frame, Lusso Cloud and, most recently, Vans, and launched a free app filled with relaxing soundtracks — like the crackles of an open fire or singing spring birds. Across all of their products, whether done independently or in partnership with another party, they emphasize tonal colors that are easy on the eyes: pastel green, cream and different shades of tan all the way into brown.

On their T-shirts, they opt for slogans like "Natural" and "Inhale" or a simple text logo. In this context, the Museum of Peace & Quiet feels like a real place, somewhere the merch reminds you to go when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Museum of Peace & Quiet

Shop the brand's accessories and home goods here. Shop the Museum of Peace & Quiet's clothing releases here.

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