Filson and Birdwell Just Dropped the Ultimate Outdoor Shorts of Summer 2022

The Tac Short 2.0 is rugged utilitarian construction at its best.

filson x birdwell collaboration

Sixty-four years after C. C. Filson began outfitting eager-yet-underdressed miners for Alaska's gold rush in 1897, Carrie Birdwell Mann started selling shorts out of her Southern California living room. For both, these enterprising endeavors answered a practical call: emerging regional activities in desperate need of attire. For Filson, that meant durable and functional workwear, and for Birdwell Mann, the best shorts to ride a wave.

Now, Filson and Birdwell have become some of the West Coast's most beloved apparel brands. The pair both share an innate commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials and purpose-built products, and it's those shared beliefs that, quite naturally, led to a collaboration in 2021. But here in 2022 — in fact, as of today — that collab sees an anticipated upgrade: the Filson x Birdwell Tac Short 2.0.

These ultra-sturdy (and lifetime-guaranteed, of course) shorts combine Filson's outdoorsmen aesthetic with Birdwell's proprietary apparel technology. To be more specific, we're talking about Surfstretch — Birdwell's comfortable four-way stretch fabric that's 90 percent spandex.

In addition to that, reinforcements at the button-fly and interior pockets are secured with the California brand's extreme-strength nylon, or SurfNyl, promising zero give or stretch.

Complete with adjustable side tabs, a cargo pocket and stainless steel hardware, these ironclad shorts are built to outlast their initial owner to become multigenerational heirlooms, mirroring the heritage-based ethos at the heart of both brands. Your grandkids could someday be wearing these very same shorts.

Filson x Birdwell Tac Short 2.0
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