A Packable, Tactical, Briefcase Bag from Topo Designs Will Elevate Your Work EDC

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talking points topo designs global briefcase

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Equal parts backpack, briefcase and tactical bag, Topo Designs’ Global Briefcase is built for hiking, typing or commuting anywhere. Made from self-described ‘mountain-ready recycled materials’ and equipped with ‘travel-friendly features,’ this casual briefcase is a great option for those who can’t quite bring themselves to lug around a heavier leather option.

Equipped with a wide range of slip and zippered pockets, this tactical briefcase can double as an outdoor laptop bag or eco-friendly carry-on. Its nylon build also keeps it fully packable, so you can break it out on the go while traveling (the globe).

Ultimately, this new hybrid briefcase backpack marks another smart release from Topo Designs, and once again melds the needs of both casual travelers and dedicated explorers.

man carrying topo designs global briefcase in black
Topo Designs
man carrying topo designs global briefcase in black
Topo Designs

The Backstory

Topo Designs: Uncomplicated and Utilitarian

Topo Designs describes its team as having a love for exploring cities and world travel, and ‘rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living.' Dually inspired by classic camping silhouettes and innovative technologies, the company has made a name for itself as a popular purveyor of colorful outdoor gear.

Now the brand is focusing on what it calls ‘The New Outdoor.’ The initiative was built on three main pillars: Utility, Sustainability and Inclusivity. The New Outdoor echoes a general, industry-wide demand for a more inclusive outdoor culture.

In terms of sustainability, the team has always focused on creating high-quality, durable products that are built to last. Today, it's endeavoring to reduce the amount of virgin materials used each season to eventually create a line of packs and bags made entirely of recycled materials. Made with three types of recycled nylon, the Global Briefcase is a great example of where the brand is heading, though the team also emphasizes its hopes to promote large-scale change across greater supply chains and consumer behavior.

The Gist

Casual and Convertible: This is a Combo Briefcase, Backpack & Travel Bag

With soft pants on the rise, is it any surprise that our bags are getting softer too? Made entirely of recycled nylon (specifically 400D recycled nylon, 210D recycled nylon pack cloth liner and 1680D recycled ballistic nylon base), the bag’s soft shell makes it easy to throw into your checked bag, hiking pack or carry-on to double up on storage once you reach your destination.

It also features a mix of mesh and zippered pockets including a laptop compartment, two large external pockets (each with internal mesh pockets), a spacious main compartment and an additional back compartment equipped with slip pockets to keep you organized.

Owners can seamlessly switch between backpack and briefcase ‘modes’ by breaking out the stowable padded shoulder straps. You can also attach it to your rolling luggage with a sleek pass-through panel that will safely secure your bag to your luggage handle. The bag also boasts PackFast Travel Bag attachment clips so you can clip on smaller bags for added security and storage.


Think Less With This Tactical, Recycled Nylon Briefcase Bag

The Global Briefcase is a simple, sturdy EDC. It’s a sustainable, eco-friendly nylon briefcase that reimagines what casual – yet technical – workwear should look like. It’s camping and travel-ready and can fit just as easily in your rolling luggage as it will in your backpack’s top compartment.

At the office, this bag a great way to broadcast a casual "yeah, I'm outdoorsy – no biggie” vibe. It’s also equipped with enough pockets to keep it firmly tactical, and your EDC definitively organized. So if you’re looking for a true go-anywhere bag, keep it global with Topo Designs.

Price: $129


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