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Monday Night Football's Manningcast Was Overrun With Quarter-Zip Sweaters

Eli, Peyton and President Obama all wore quarter-zip pullovers for Monday Night Football.


Both Peyton and Eli Manning were incredible professional quarterbacks. Peyton, who had an 18-year career split between two teams, holds a number of records: the most passing yards in a season and the most passing TDs in a season, as well as impressive annual accolades like most MVP awards (5). Eli, on the other hand, was no slouch: he won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants — just as many as Peyton did, but with two fewer seasons under his belt.

Needless to say, they were both great, and the brothers likely hold a winning record against almost all of your favorite teams — hence why they were so polarizing when they played. But now that they're retired and running their own simulcast on ESPN 2, everyone seems to love the Mannings. They're must-see TV...even if their wardrobes haven't changed much since their playing days.

nbc snl eli manning
Eli wore the exact same outfit for Monday Night Football in 2022 as he did for an SNL pre-taping in 2012.

Peyton and Eli both still love their quarter-zip pullovers, a style popular with finance types and fresh fathers. They're hardly cutting-edge, but they are approachable. Plus, you have to give the brothers credit where credit is due: They've stayed true to their (eerily similar) personal styles, for better or worse.

Just Google 'Eli Manning Style' and you'll see what I mean. A few photos pop up: Eli in a giant suit on draft night; Eli in a quarter-zip pullover on Saturday Night Live; Eli in a quarter-zip pullover at the ESPYs; and so on and so forth. Peyton is basically the same way. "The Sheriff," as fans called him, has a uniform of his own, too: a quarter zip worn overtop a gingham shirt.

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You'd think, as multi-millionaires with a national network's financial backing, the wardrobe would grow. Or that someone would say, 'Hey, brothers, maybe we don't dress the same today?' Their broadcast gave off "big family photo day" energy.

With special guest President Barack Obama in the booth, a theme settled in. In true Commander Sartorialist in Chief fashion, President Obama wore a quarter zip, too, albeit with a tonal shirt underneath. And as viewers (jokingly) pointed out on Twitter — Ringer NFL writer Kevin Clark, to be specific — the ruling siblings of Quarter Zipdom might have to forfeit their throne.

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