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Everything Pedro Pascal Wears in HBO's 'The Last of Us'

Zombie-proof boots, jackets, shirts and more, verified by the show's costume director.

pedro pascal last of us
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The Last of Us costume director Cynthia Summers made the HBO show's protagonist, Joel Miller, 2023's most unlikely style icon. Played by Pedro Pascal, Joel is a former carpenter turned fungal pandemic survivor — sexy, right? As expected, his wardrobe reflects his situation: dirty boots, flannel shirts and a waxed trucker jacket. His hard-wearing outfits, while simple and often soiled, have garnered quite the following, though.

Here are the most popular pieces from the post-apocalyptic drama, from his waxed trucker jacket to his custom field watch.

Everything Joel Miller Wears in HBO's The Last of Us

Waxed Trucker Jacket

Joel's jacket is a long-time Huckberry staple: the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. USA-made from waxed Martexin 7-ounce sailcloth, the jacket isn't just waterproof; it's warm, too. It has a soft flannel liner designed to match the eight available colorways, including Forest, the one worn by Pascal. Should we ever truly face a zombie apocalypse, this jacket might actually survive.

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Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket

Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket


Work Boots

Joel was just as smart about his boots as he was about his jacket. He wears tall, chunky work boots with chunky outsoles. They're the Irish Setter Elk Tracker, the premier 10-inch boot in the Red Wing-owned brand's catalog. His are slightly different, though, with missing tongue cover and the outdated logo. Irish Setter changed its logo recently, which implies his are vintage (or at least used, not new).

hbo last of us boots in a forest
This semi-blurry still was the best look at Miller’s boots we could find.

The boot's signature features made it an easy spot: the leather lip at the heel, the circular logo at the rear, the bulbous toe, the ridged outsole and the especially spaced-out eyelets. It's a great boot, even though he had to repair them several times in the show's first season — he's living through an apocalypse, people.

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Irish Setter Elk Tracker (10")

Irish Setter Elk Tracker (10")


Field Watch

Joel's "real" watch doesn't exist. It was custom-made for the show, costume director Cynthia Summers confirmed. That's despite rumors that the watch looked a lot like a Lum-Tec Super Combat B2, which is super hard to find online and longer in production.

the last of us
One of the clearer shots of Joel’s watch in the show.

There are replicas of the watch from the video game, and the show, on sites like Etsy — broken dial included — but you'd be better off buying a different, more outbreak-ready piece; something that looks better in bunker lighting: the Seiko Prospex Solar "Arnie," Casio Pro Trek or Sinn 556.

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Lum-Tec Super Combat B2

Lum-Tec Super Combat B2

Flannel Shirt

An easy-to-miss easter egg, this flannel shirt appears twice in The Last of Us, in two time periods. That being said, it isn't vintage. It's Fjallraven. Specifically, it's the Fjällgim Shirt in Laurel Green. It's sold out everywhere, except directly from the brand, but for good reason.

The polyester flannel shirt has two pockets, one on the outside and one hidden within. But Joel's on-screen shirt has two, an alteration Summers made to make the shirt from the show match the shirt from the video game.

Fjallraven Fjällgim Shirt

Fjallraven Fjällglim Shirt M


Leather Gloves

As pointed out by Hestra's North American sales rep, the gloves Joel wears throughout The Last of Us are made by the Swedish brand. They're the Wakayama Gloves, which have five fingers and a corded cuff closure. That's actually what gives this glove away, as you can see the strap — albeit dyed a different color — close up, in scenes where Joel's horseback riding, for example.

Hestra Wakayama Glove


Hestra Wakayama Glove

$127.96 (20% off)

Denim Shirt

For Joel, Summers sought out simple garments. It's not that he doesn't have style, but it's unlikely he'd care much about how he looked, all things considered. As such, she avoided denim shirts with Western yokes, a stylish, albeit traditional, element few avoid nowadays.

Summers confirmed Joel's shirt was made by Wrangler but altered for on-screen wear. His is distressed, dusty and yet deceptively sturdy still. Yours will be brand new, but use his as a goal post — what you want yours to look like in 30 or 40 years. That being said, Wrangler's Western yoke-less shirt is sold out... everywhere. As such, try Flint and Tinder's trusty Bone Button Western Shirt. It has the yoke, but it fits like Joel's.

Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt

Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt


Shearling Coat

Those with a keen eye are divided on which coat Joel actually wears in the show. Sure, it's big, likely shearling-lined and has two collars, but that could be dozens of coats. What we noticed, though, is how much height the folds in his sleeves have, which implies a particular weight and thickness but also an internal liner.

pedro pascal
This is one of the clearest looks at Joel’s jacket.

We narrowed our search down to three styles, but the exact jacket was a mystery until Game Spot reached out for comment. Representatives from the show revealed it was from HiSO, a Canadian brand stocked at O'Conners Menswear in Calgary, Canada. We can't find the particular style, though, with a long sheepskin, shearling-lined body, big sleeves and a double-layered collar.

Overland McKinley Forest Spanish Sheepskin Coat

Overland McKinley Forest Spanish Sheepskin Coat


Orvis World's Finest Shearling Coat

Orvis World's Finest Shearling Coat


Aston Leather Laredo Shearling Coat

Aston Leather Laredo Shearling Coat


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