Should You Buzz Your Head? Here’s What to Consider

There’s only one way to decide — a flowchart.

man having haircut rear view, close up
Colin HawkinsGetty Images

You’ve tried everything. It’s been you-don’t-know-how-many weeks since you’ve had a professional haircut. You got by without your barber, but that only went so far. You tried giving yourself a trim and even got the same tools your barber uses. That maybe didn’t go so well. Now you’re wearing hats inside. Are you a hat guy? Is hat guy how you identify? Through it all, ruminating in the back of your mind, through your thicket of hair, has been this thought: should I buzz my head?

We can’t make that decision for you. But we can make a flowchart. So that’s what we did. If you’ve pondered whether or not you should join the growing ranks of buzzcuts, you might want to consider some variables before taking to the nearest clippers. Have fun!


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