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Harry Styles Was Spotted Wearing Sneakers We Can All Afford

For a recent appearance, he matched a pair of beat-up Vans with custom Gucci pajamas.


Musician, actor and otherwise multi-talented individual Harry Styles is no stranger to extravagant outfits. Whether a full-length dress, a feathery, boa-adorned bodysuit or a wide-lapel, double-breasted suit, he's rarely seen in standard fare.

That's because he's a celebrity, of course, but also a close friend to a few famous luxury brands — like Gucci, which he wears all of the time. According to HarryFashionArchive.com — which, as you can tell by the name, documents what he wears each day — Gucci is at his beck and call. They've made him custom ringer tees, custom pants, custom patterned polos, custom sweater vests and seed him with all of their newest collaborations — like the coveted Gucci Gazelles.

But perhaps most impressive of all is his collection of custom Gucci pajama sets, a range of polka-dotted, pinstriped and patterned ensembles. He recently wore on to read a children's book on the BBC Kids show CBeebies Bedtime Stories, a spot that features a different celebrity reading a different book each night at 6:50 pm local time — right before kids should go to bed, but probably don't.

Styles told "a heart-warming story celebrating the family home" called In Every House, on Every Street by Jess Hitchman. And although there were surely plenty of kids tuned in for their nightly bedtime story, their parents, and probably those parents' older kids, were just as glued to the screen. I, too, was intrigued — but only really to see what Styles was wearing. I've been on the hunt for a similar set of PJs ever since he started wearing his Gucci getups. As such, his set wasn't much of a surprise.

However, his shoes were. Styles wore a pair of cheap, clearly worn Vans Authentics, a drastic departure from his well-fitting, five-figure, flair-legged pajamas.

To be fair, they don't look bad at all — and I could never knock a celebrity for wearing something almost everyone can afford. It's just...surprising. In Harry's House, it seems, the shoes, no matter how dirty, dusty or dinged up, stay on.

Vans Authentic

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