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Great Travel and Productivity Apps You Haven’t Tried (Yet)

Go beyond Airbnb and Evernote.


The 2017 Webby Award nominees have been announced. (Side note: we were nominated for Best Lifestyle Publication; vote for us here.) The Productivity and Travel app categories make up a list that anyone interested in self-improvement should read. We happen to be testing four of the Travel and Productivity nominees at the moment, which you can peruse below.

Skyscanner — Best Travel App Nominee
Find cheap flights by comparing airlines and discover new destinations to travel to.
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Detour — Best Travel App Nominee
Wander through a destination while an expert tells you about the history and secrets of the area.
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Alto — Best Productivity App Nominee
An simple email app that distills all your email accounts into one stream.
iOS: Free
Android: Free

Doo — Best Productivity App Nominee
This app turns your to-do list into a stack of cards — a fun way to make sure you get tasks done on time.
iOS: $3.99

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