How to Add Your Favorite Websites to Your Home Screen

Your daily dose of gear — on your home screen.


Many of your favorite websites, Gear Patrol included, don’t have apps — but you can still quickly open them from your home screen. No bookmarking or favoriting needed. For iPhone and iPad users, you can “hack” Safari to create a home screen icon that will link directly to Gear Patrol. For Android users, you can do the same thing in Chrome. The feature has been around seemingly forever, but it’s a helpful and oft-overlooked shortcut. And it’s a perfect way to remind you Gear Patrol readers to get your daily dose of gear. Here’s how:

For iPhone:
1. Open Safari and load
2. Tap the share button on the bottom menu.
3. Select “Add to Home Screen.”
4. Edit the name, or simply tap “Add.”
5. The icon will load on your home screen.

For Android:
1. Open the Chrome app, load
2. Select the “Menu” icon — the three vertical dots — in the upper-right corner.
3. Choose “Add to Home screen.” Click “Add” in the confirmation window.
4. The icon will load on your home screen.

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