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How to Save on Sonos Speakers With the Upgrade Program Discount

If you've had Sonos speakers for years, there's a good chance you can save big on the newest Sonos speakers — including the Era 300 and Era 100.


If you've owned Sonos speakers for a long time and were thinking about upgrading or expanding your Sonos system — maybe buying the new Era 300 or Era 100? Or how about one of Sonos's soundbars? — there's something that you need to know.

As of November 2020, Sonos has introduced a new Upgrade Program that allows long-time Sonos owners to buy new Sonos speakers and get a 15-percent discount. This is not a trade-in program; you'll still keep your old Sonos speakers. It's an initiative by Sonos to encourage long-time listeners to expand their system with some newer products.

Does Sonos have a trade-in program?

Unfortunately, no.

Sonos got rid of its trade-in program in 2020 and replaced it with the new Upgrade Program. Previously, Sonos required you to brick your old speaker (by entering it into a recycle mode) before the speaker could be eligible for an upgrade/trade-in, but now you can just (for better or worse) hold onto your older Sonos speaker.

If you're looking to get sell or just get rid of your older Sonos speaker, you don't have any really easy options. You can try selling it on a third-party site like eBay or you can take it a local certified e-recycling centre.

Get These Discounts (If Eligible)

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Upgrade Program's landing page and sign into your Sonos account.
  2. Check the list of the Sonos speakers that you own to see which ones make you eligible for a discount.

    If you are eligible for 15% discount, you can get a pretty great deal on the following Sonos speakers. Here are the discounts:

    • Era 300: ($449 $382, save $67)
    • Era 100: ($249 $212, save $37)
    • Sub Mini: ($429 $365, save $64)
    • Roam: ($179 $152, save $27)
    • Roam SL: ($159 $135, save $24)
    • Move: ($399 $339, save $60)
    • One: ($219 $186, save $33)
    • One SL: ($199 $169, save $30)
    • Five: ($549 $467, save $82)
    • Sub (Gen 3): ($799 $679, save $120)
    • Beam (Gen 2): ($499 $424, save $75)
    • Ray: ($279 $237, save $42)
    • Arc: ($899 $764, save $135)
    • Port: ($449 $382, save $67)
    • Amp:($699 $594, save $105)
    • Boost: ($99 $84, save $15)

      (The above discounts have been adjusted to accommodate the 15-percent price increases on many of Sonos's newest products.)

          The catch is that you can only use a discount code once per speaker. But you get a discount for each of the Sonos speakers that's eligible for an upgrade. So if you have two older Play:1 speakers, you get two 15-percent discount codes which can be applied to any two new speakers.

          When Sonos first launched this upgrade program, it was offering 30-percent discounts on its really only speakers and components, such as the Connect:Amp (Gen 1), Connect (Gen 1) and Play:5 (Gen 1), however it appears that those are no longer available.

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          Did Sonos get recently get more expensive?

          The answer is "yes."

          As of September 12, 2021, Sonos has increased the prices of many of its most popular speakers, soundbars and other audio components by 10 percent. Specifically, these price increases effect the Roam, One, One SL, Arc, Five, Sub and the Amp. The newest entry-level soundbar, the Beam (Gen 2), is also $50 more expensive than the first-generation soundbar ($449 vs $399).

          You can learn more about these price increases, here.

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