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What Will Apple Announce at Today's Big Event? Here's What We Could See

Apple's spring event is today. Here are the rumors as to what might show up.


Update: The event happened! See all the actual news here.

Apple typically holds a big event every spring where it announces new products, and this year's is today at 1pm EST (or 10pm PST). In 2019, we got Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and its first credit card, the Apple Card. In 2020, Apple introduced new versions of its MacBook Air and iPad Pro. So, what will this year's spring event bring?

We've rounded up the latest rumors floating around the web. We almost certainly won't see all of these at an upcoming event...but they're all possibilities.

We might get a new iPad Pro and iPad mini

The most likely new hardware announcements will affect the iPad line, as Apple is expected to announced new iPad Pros and a new iPad mini. Don't expect drastic redesigns, however.

The biggest change is expected to be to the two iPro Pro models. TechRadar is reporting that they'll get a new-and-improved display with mini-LED technology, which should deliver OLED-esque levels of brightness and contrast, but without the potential issue of burn-in. The iPad mini could have smaller bezels and a slightly larger display.

Both the iPad Pro and iPad mini will likely get the M1 chip treatment, which should give them huge performance and efficiency boosts.

...or a more affordable external monitor

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on an external monitor that's a more affordable alternative to its high-end Pro Display XDR. Apple currently doesn't make a so-called "affordable" external monitor, but it has recommended LG's UltraFine line of external monitors for years — this new monitor could replace those.

This rumor has only been furthered by the fact that, according to MacRumors, Apple has removed LG's UltraFine 4K and 5K displays from its online store across Europe. This March event might be too soon for Apple to announce this new affordable monitor...but who knows?

AirPods 3 are probably in the works

It's been widely reported that Apple is working on new-look AirPods with a more compact design (meaning shorter stem) and swappable silicone eartips like the current AirPods Pro — and 52audio has just leaked apparent photos of these so-called "AirPods 3" that seem confirm these rumors. The photos also show a charging case that looks like a more-compact version of the AirPods Pro's existing case.

A (finally) redesigned iMac

The iMac has looked pretty much the same since 2012. Sure, Apple has upgraded the display and guts a few times, but the design has remained largely unchanged. (Even the more pro-grade iMac Pro that was announced in 2017 looks almost identical to iMac — it's just in a darker "space gray" finish.)

But that's expected to change in the near future. Apple could release a redesigned iMac with a larger and near-bezel-less display. Other features likely will include Apple's M1 chipset and potential support for Face ID, though a recent Bloomberg report says that might be pushed back.

We're still waiting on AirTags

It's been rumored that Apple would be announcing its "AirTags" for almost two years now. These would essentially be Apple's version of what Tile has been doing for years: tiny Bluetooth trackers that attach to your things — your wallet, backpack, keys or bike — and allow you to easily find them through the Find My app. (Of course, we thought Apple would have announced these AirTags by now.)

An updated Apple TV isn't out of the question

Apple released the fourth-generation Apple TV (now called the Apple TV HD) in 2015 and the subsequent Apple TV 4K in 2017 — and the two models, which look basically identical, have been largely untouched since. It's unlikely that Apple is going to give us a completely redesigned streaming box, but it could release a new-and-improved Apple TV that's more powerful and comes with a Siri remote that's compatible with your iPhone's Find My app.

The latest rumors even suggest that Apple could release an Apple TV with an integrated speaker. This would be an ambitious product considering Apple hasn't ever released anything like it, but it could be a good way to get back into the home theater. (With the death of the HomePod, Apple doesn't make a speaker that supports Dolby Atmos anymore.)

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