This Keyboard Shortcut Will Make You A Way Faster Googler

If you use Google Search all day every day, this new keyboard shortcut will be a game changer.

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You likely use Google Search a lot, like all day everyday. If so, Google just released a new keyboard shortcut that will most definitely be a game changer for you. And it's real simple.

All you have to do is hit the "/" key on your keyboard when using Google and your cursor will jump back to the search box. There's no need to hold down another button like Control, Command or Shift. Pressing the one "/" key does all the work for you. This keyboard shortcut makes it super easy to quickly refine your search or search for something else, as it removes the need to touch your mouse or trackpad.

The other neat thing with this new keyboard shortcut is that won't force you to scroll to the top of the page, so you won't immediately lose your place. Normally, the search box will disappear from view when you scroll down past the few several suggestions in Google Search, so the fact that this keyboard shortcut allows you to jump right to it without requiring you to scroll back to the top of the page or clicking the address bar — it's just super convenient.

This keyboard shortcut will work with Google Search on any web browser, so it doesn't matter if you're using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Some people will see a pop-up window when using Google Search that says "Press / to jump back to the search box" to let you know that this keyboard shortcut exists. But if you don't see it, no worries — the shortcut will just work. And you don't have do anything like update your browser — the keyboard shortcut will work right now for you.

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