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iTwin USB Remote File Access

Wonder Twin Powers...


Technology geeks bring up “the cloud” about as much as Mel Gibson drops slurs on voicemail. When you parse through all the hype and dreaming, though, securely accessing files remotely from any computer you come across isn’t exactly easypeasy yet. Owning an iTwin USB Remote File Access ($99) system can change that — as long as you’re a P.C. user. It looks like a tchotchke, but it’s so much more. The iTwin doesn’t do anything too simple that any old flash drive can do, like store data. Instead, it enables an ultra-secure wired or wireless connection between two machines. Just plug one of the sticks into the computer you want the files from, and drag the files from your hard drive you’d like to access into the iTwin window. Once that’s done, attach the other half into any other computer to access and edit those files. If you’re hoping to pass around the Pentagon papers, connecting the two ends together directly even sets a unique AES-256 hardware-enabled key that’s shared only between the two halves. If one half goes missing, the other half can be used to deactivate its access. There’s no software, no VPNs, or other irritating barriers to deal with. Now…if only iTwin could bring the same level of simplicity to communicating with our better halves.

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