iOS 15 Just Changed How Safari Works — Here's How to Change It Back

Hate the new Safari in iOS 15? Here's how to get things back to normal.

safari browser on ios15

Apple's iOS 15 is getting its official release today and it comes with a whole host of new changes and features. One of them is a tweak to how Safari works. Instead of having the address bar at the top of the screen, it's now at the bottom by default. Also you can change tabs by swiping left or right on it.

Is this a better one-handed experience for the browser? Maybe. Is it very different? Absolutely. Do you hate it? Fair enough! Fortunately, you can change it back. Here's how to go back to the default behavior from iOS 14.

1. Open "Settings"
2. Scroll to or search for "Safari"
3. Scroll down to the subsection labeled "Tabs"
4. Switch from "Tab Bar" on the left to "Single Tab" on the right.
5. (Optional) Breathe a sigh of relief.

single tab option
Eric Limer

Now things should feel a little more familiar. When you click the multi-tab button at the bottom right of your screen, you'll still be taken to a new-style tab management screen and that is out of your hands.

If Apple is committed to this design choice, however, it's likely the option to default back to "Single Tab" view will not be present in future versions of iOS. So it might behoove you to get used to the brave new world now.

Or hang onto the past like your life depends on it. It's up to you!

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