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Want to Buy a Sonos Speaker for Christmas? It Might Already Be Too Late

Time is running out to order a Sonos speaker or soundbar if you want it to arrive before the holidays. In fact, it might already be too late.

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If you were thinking about buying a Sonos speaker or soundbar as a gift for somebody (or yourself) for the holidays, well, that ship might have already sailed. That's because due to high demand and well-publicized production delays (for a lot of things, not just Sonos speakers), many Sonos speakers are backordered on its website. This means that if you order now, some might arrive right before Christmas, while others are already slated to arrive just after it.

The prime example of this is the Arc, Sonos's flagship Dolby Atmos soundbar, which if you order now — in black — is scheduled to ship on December 31. That's right, after Christmas. You can order the Arc in white and it'll ship immediately, but the vast majority of people prefer a speaker or soundbar in black rather than white.

Other speakers that are already backordered on Sonos's website include the Five, One SL and the Move — all are estimated to ship in the middle of December, which could cut it close if you want it to arrive before the holidays. The only speakers that aren't backordered are the One, Roam and the company's new Dolby Atmos soundbar, the Beam (Gen 2).

There are also a few refurbished options, which have the bonus of coming at a discount! The catch is that choice, and supply, are limited and they go very quickly. For the time being, only three things are still in stock:

You might be thinking, 'I'll just order one from Amazon or Best Buy,' but Amazon's and Best Buy's stock of Sonos speakers are already dwindling. Plus there's the fact that, specifically if you order from Amazon, it is going to charge you a king's ransom. At the time of writing this article, Amazon is currently selling the Sonos Arc for $1,231 (an up-charge of $332), the the One SL for $268 (an up-charge of $68), and the Roam for $228 (an up-charge of $49). Incredible.

The bottom line: if you want to gift somebody a Sonos speaker or soundbar for the holidays, you should seriously think about ordering it now. The truth is, however, depending on the speaker or soundbar that you want to order, it might already be too late.

If you are committed to getting something Sonos-related, say for people who already have a Sonos speaker system, a great option to buy some accessories like covers, stands or mounts — those are all in stock.


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