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This Wild MagSafe Charger Lets Your iPhone Float Above Your Desk

It attaches to a VESA monitor arm and can charge your iPhone while seemingly floating in midair.

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Line's Linestand ($169) is unlike any other MagSafe charger we've seen. It's a 3-in-1 charger — capable of simultaneously charging an iPhone 12/13, AirPods (so long as it has a wireless charging case) and Apple Watch — but what makes it unique is that it comes integrated with a VESA mounting system. You attach it to a compatible VESA monitor arm and create a kind of floating MagSafe charging system. Line is advertising it as "the ultimate air desk."

Of course, the Linestand is a MagSafe charger that's designed for a very particular kind of person. You have to want this floating charging system, first of all — but you also have to invest a lot more than just the $169 for the Linestand.

You need to buy your own VESA monitor arm, which typically cost between $100 and $200, because it's not included. And then you need to have two MagSafe Chargers ($39/ea) and an Apple Watch charging puck ($29) because the Linestand needs them to work. In this way, the Linestand isn't actually a MagSafe charger but a stand for your MagSafe chargers and Apple Watch puck. And these extra things add up, so you have to really want this 3-in-1 charging system.

Line claims that you can use the Linestand without a VESA monitor arm and just lay it flat on your desk (again, you'd still need to purchase the various chargers separately). However, this sort of defeats its entire purpose behind Linestand and it's still very pretty darn expensive. You can buy a number of other 3-in-1 MagSafe chargers, such as the Belkin Boost Up Charge Pro ($140), for less — and they will actually charge all your devices, too.

The Linestand was first announced in January at CES 2022, but as of right now it's finally available to order.


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