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This $1 App Fixes the iPhone X’s $1,100 Problem

A simple software “fix.”


If you’ve read anything about the iPhone X, or if you own one already, you’ll know its “notch” has a purpose: it houses all the sensors to enable Face ID. Still, many people see this notch as a blemish on the phone’s otherwise fantastic edge-to-edge display. Apple could have hidden it with some software jiggery pokery, but instead decided to embrace it. Fair play to them, but you don’t have to live with the notch if you don’t want to.

The App Store just approved Notch Remover ($0.99), an app that tweaks your iPhone X’s wallpaper so that the notch disappears. It essentially just blacks out the screen on either side of the notch. It only works with the phone’s Home and Lock screens, however, so the notch will reappear when you use apps that are optimized for the iPhone X, like Youtube or Netflix.

In reality, Notch Remover is an app that reduces the real estate of you’re iPhone X’s display, which seems a little silly when you consider you just paid the premium for Apple’s most innovative iPhone. If you wanted the display to look like an iPhone 8/8Plus’s display, why not just get one of those phones? OK, the cameras on the iPhone X are superior, but you’d save a few hundred bucks and you’d probably be happier.

Either way, if you bought the iPhone X and can’t stand the notch, this app can help.

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