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Might as well call it iPutt


Agent Smith: “Do you hear that sound Mr. Anderson? … that is the sound of inevitability”.

And pictured right is also an inevitability. Merging the infinite possibilities of apps and the relenteless frustration of putting, Ping has developed the iPing App (free), and a corresponding cradle ($30). When combined the two serve as a bona fide wireless putting improvement tool normally relegated to jarringly big and expensive equipment. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer in the iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod Touch, the iPing App provides golfers measurements and analysis in three key areas. Stroke Type: to measure the player’s closing angle, Impact Angle: to measure the putter’s face angle at impact, and Tempo: to measure the duration of the backswing relative to the forward swing. Two modes, Practice and Compare allow players to either isolate a particular aspect of their putting game lacking in consistency, or a more competitive mode which pits results against previous sessions and friends across social media. The result is yet another inevitability? The glorious thrill of sinking a 20 footer.

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