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This App Helps Photographers Take the Perfect Landscape Photo

The app factors in things like weather, time, elevation, the moon and sun cycle, and then helps the photographer plan for the perfect photo.


GoldenHour.One is an iOS-only app that tells photographers when a specific location is going to be at its most photogenic. It goes way deeper than just telling the photographer the sunset/sunrise cycle, however, as the app also factors in things like weather, time, elevation, and the moon’s and sun’s cycle. It has access to your iPhone’s compass and map, too, so it can guide you to the perfect location and show you which direction to look. And if you want to plan a photo a few days in advance, the app can help with that too. Basically, it’s a well-designed app that’s simple to use. Plus, it’s been given 5/5 stars by some of the biggest photography publications out there, including Fstoppers and Digital Camera World.

Download Now: iOS ($3.99)

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