The Top TVs and Video Games of 2018

The year has already flown by.


This year, the television became more versatile. If you want to play old school consoles on your new TV in better resolution, you can thanks to Sega, Nintendo and Sony, which all announced miniature and upgraded models of their iconic retro video game consoles. A bunch of new ways to stream, control and interact with your TV were also announced by Amazon, Roku and others. And, of course, a host of new and beautiful televisions and projectors were also released. Looking back, here are all the biggest and coolest TV and video game releases of 2018.

You Can Now Buy The World’s Smallest 4K Projector

It promises a huge 120-inch picture with excellent 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160). It also supports HDR.

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Samsung’s Stunning New 4K TVs Blend Right Into the Wall

If the TV is wall mounted, you can take a photo of it and the surrounding wall, and the display will imitate the pattern of the wall.

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The Hottest Video Game Is Now Available on iPhone and iPad — For Free

Fortnite is a battle royale, last-person-standing style game that's been hugely popular on PC and consoles.

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Why You Should Be Wary of Sega’s “Exciting” New Mega Drive Mini

It's hard not to get excited about a miniature, updated version of a classic piece of gaming history, but in this case it might be wise not to.

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Nintendo Is Bringing Back Its $60 Retro Gaming Console

The NES Classic flew off the shelves in 2016. It'll likely do the same again, starting on June 29.

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Amazon’s New Set-Top Box Is Pretty Cool — But Should You Buy It?

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a hybrid between an Amazon Echo speaker and a Fire TV streaming dongle. Plus, it functions as a universal remote for your home theater.

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Buy a Beautiful 4K TV with Alexa for Under $500, Today

"Alexa, turn on Netflix."

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Home Theater Upgrade: Samsung’s Beautiful, Designed-Focused 4K TVs Just Got Better

Better HDR. Better Voice Controls. Same bespoke design.

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The Best-in-Class Portable Projector Just Got Even Better

The Nebula Capsule II is still able to project the same size screen – up to 100 inches – but it's a brighter and higher-resolution picture. The speakers are better. And it now runs Android...

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This Is Vizio’s Brightest And Best-Performing 4K TV, Ever

This is the Vizio's new flagship 4K HDR TV. It's twice as bright as the company's next brightest 4K TV.

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If You Grew Up With PlayStation, It’s Now Your Turn to Get a Classic

The PlayStation Classic is a miniature version of the original PlayStation console.

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Can Amazon’s FireTV Recast Keep the DVR Relevant?

This box can beam shows from your antenna to wherever.

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These Are the Cheapest 4K Streaming Sticks You Can Buy

Roku announces two new streaming sticks that don't skimp out on the features.

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