The 13 Most Popular Tech Stories of 2018

From hacking your Sonos system to learning how to cut your cell phone bill in half, shopping for headphones to building out the perfect workstation.


As 2018 comes to a close, we’re looking back at our most-read tech stories of the year and there were quite a few of them. From articles on hacking your Sonos system to cutting your cell phone bill in half, shopping for headphones to building out the perfect workstation, these are some of our most popular tech-focused stories of the past year.

Review: The New Apple Watch Is the Best Smartwatch You Can Buy, And That Might Be Its Only Problem

The Series 4 is the first Apple Watch to have a real hardware redesign.

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This Smartwatch Is for Anybody Who Doesn’t Think They Want a Smartwatch

At $200, it's probably the best entry-level smartwatch you can buy right now.

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If You Own an iPhone, Here’s How to Cut Your Monthly Bill In Half

Google's cell phone service, Google Fi, now works with all new iPhones. It's a great way to manage your data and cut the cost of your monthly cell phone bill.

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The 9 Best Earbuds Under $50

No, the 3.5mm headphone jack isn't dead. And it won't be for some time.

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These Are the Best-Sounding True Wireless Earbuds, Bar None

The Momentum True Wireless offer tremendous sound quality, comfort, battery life and connectivity.

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How to Turn Your Sonos Into Computer Speakers

First step: Buy a Sonos Connect.

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Review: The Perfect Noise-Canceling Headphones for Office Settings

And its sound quality stacks up to Bose and Sony, too.

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The Perfect Apple Desk Setup, Four Ways

Do you prefer working from a laptop or desktop? Either way, we've got you covered.

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The 15 Best Travel Gadgets You Can Buy in 2018

We’ve tested our fair share of travel gadgets, which are only getting better. These are the ones that deserve a coveted spot in your carry-on this season.

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The Best Wireless Earbuds of 2020 – Which Is Right for You?

There are more wireless earbuds than ever before. In the market for some? Read this guide.

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The Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2020

This definitive guide to the best noise-canceling headphones of 2020 explores everything you need to know before buying your next pair of headphones.

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24 Great Vintage Cameras You Can Still Buy

Vintage shooters from every era still worth adding to your collection.

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This Year in Gear

Just like that, 2018 has come and gone. Take a look back at the best of what the past 365 days had to offer in This Year in Gear
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