Beats Executive Headphones

Beats goes Business Class


It’s hard to believe that only three years have passed since Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine launched a line of headphones designed to bring their studio sound to the masses. History now shows the move was a prescient business decision that spawned a title wave of copy-cat products endorsed by anyone with a hip-hop single. As hard as they scrambled to hop aboard the cash express though, none of the Dopplegangers have achieved anywhere near the same levels of success as the Beats brand, which quickly sprinted beyond headphones to become a full-fledged audio company.

To be quite honest, the classic Beats sound spectrum has never been to our preference — the artificial notches dialed in on the low-end are fatiguing. Like all great gear, though, Beats is evolving, and this time they’re skipping Economy Plus in favor of Business Class with Beats Executive Headphones ($400). As you’d imagine, things get a bit more refined along the jet-set way. On the outside, a new design eschews the recognizable red and white swagger for sleek black and brushed aluminum look. On the inside, better cultivated sound technology delivers honest mid-range, an elevated top end, and of course robust bass. Just in case that salvo towards camp Bose wasn’t obvious enough, Beats Executives will also pack noise-cancelling technology, making them perfect selection for your next Get Him to the Greek moment.

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