Here’s How to Help Your Relatives with Their Tech Problems Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time to give the gift of tech support to relatives, whether you particularly want to or not.

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As every nerd knows, the holidays are a time to give the gift of tech support, whether you particularly want to or not. If you’d like to stave off questions about how to get the printer on the Wi-Fi or reboot the smart fridge, take the initiative to wow your less tech-savvy relatives with these tips and tricks they can find on the new version of iOS they should absolutely upgrade to, or the set of Sonos speakers they already own.

The One Tip Every Sonos Speaker Owner Should Know

There's a quick way to regroup a rouge speaker back into your Sonos multi-room system.

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The Days of Losing Your iPhone Could Finally Be Over

iOS 13, now available in beta, lets Apple devices broadcast their location even if they are off, which means that you'll never completely lose track of your phone again.

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Dark Mode on the iPhone: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

And what iOS apps will Dark mode work with? And will it work with iPad?

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This Is the Coolest New iPhone Feature You Haven’t Heard About

Audio Sharing is a new feature that allows two sets of wireless headphones to pair to the same iPhone or iPad, that way they can listen to the same audio.

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How to Use Siri Shortcuts As a Productivity Tool

Shortcuts initially seems dense and daunting. Don’t fret; we’ll walk you through how to set Shortcuts up, and give you some top shortcuts to start.

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How to Turn Your Sonos Into Computer Speakers

First step: Buy a Sonos Connect.

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The 5 Best New Features of macOS Catalina (Which You Can Download Right Now)

You can finally update your Mac computer with the latest operating system, macOS Catalina, right now.

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How to Connect AirPods to Your Apple TV

It's the ideal solution for anybody who wants to watch something without disturbing the other people in the room.

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7 Ways To Be More Productive on a Mac Without Spending a Dime

These seven quick, free tips can boost your productivity on macOS and help you get more done in less time.

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7 Simple Productivity Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your PC

Here are 7 tools, features and options for productivity tricks you should know about Windows.

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8 Settings to Change on Your Smartphone Right Now

New phone? Here are the tweaks you should make right away to ensure you get the most out of it.

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How to Use Google Photos To Rein In Your Photo Library

Google Photos is free, powerful, available on all platforms, and even comes with free cloud storage, all of which makes it the easy go-to choice for consolidating and organizing your photo library.

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