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Timing is everything, so don't miss it. | 1 Second App

If the world really does end on the 21st, this app will be useless. But if Zero Hour doesn’t hit, 1 Second Everyday could be a life changer. Using your iPhone camera, this personal hobby turned TED Talk turned funded Kickstarter project chronicles your life one second at a time. Its creation story is blessedly simple. Cesar Kuriyama saved up enough money to take a year off of work simply to travel and fully pursue his creative endeavors. With his admittedly bad memory, Kuriyama wanted a simple way to remember the “most adventurous year of his life”.

The solution has propelled him into the Kickstarter hall of fame and inspired thousands with a video debut on TED. The app makes it easy to take a one-second video every day of your life and create a chronological collage of your time spent: pure, simple, inspiring and reminiscently beautiful. Rather than “trying to record the perfect second”, Kuriyama says “seeing the moment I did capture still brings me back”. With this app, and faithful recording, viewing an entire decade of memories takes roughly an hour to view, but 10 years to create. Better get started. 

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