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Your iPhone Is About to Get Way Better at Video Calling

Picture in Picture for FaceTime was previously only available on iPad.


Apple announced a host of new features coming to the iPhone with iOS 14, which will officially be rolled out this fall, and one of them is going to have a big impact on FaceTime.

Apple is calling the feature “Picture in Picture” and it will allow you to watch a video, like on YouTube or Apple TV Plus or FaceTime, while also using other apps. The video will appear as a little screen that you can move around your iPhone’s screen, or off it completely (you’ll still be able to hear the audio, which is neat), allowing you to multitask and do other things.

This is a pretty big deal because, for the first time, you’ll be able FaceTime with your somebody and also do other things, like get caught up on email, Instagram and Twitter. Previously, this Picture in Picture feature only worked with FaceTime on the iPad; if you were using FaceTime on your iPhone, it took up the entire screen.

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