Spotify's Newest Feature Is a Great Way to Hang Out With Your Friends

Spotify's Group Session feature now lets you listen to the same playlists and podcasts as your friends, at the same time, no matter where they are in the world.

spotify group session

A few months ago, Spotify released the first beta version of Group Session, a group-listening feature that let Premium subscribers in the same room take control of the music from their own device -- it was sort of like a collaborative playlist. There were two big problems with the first beta version of Group Session, however. First, the music could only play from one source at a time. And two, the listeners had to be in the same location, which didn't work for people who were quarantining in very different places. Thankfully, Spotify just remedied both of those.

Spotify has released a new beta version of its Group Session feature, this time allowing Premium subscribers to listen to the same playlists and podcasts with other Premium subscribers anywhere in the world. This means that you and up to five friends, all in different places, can listen to the same playlists and podcasts at the same time, all on your own devices.

Previously, creating a Group Session involved scanning a QR code directly from another person's device, so it had to be done in person. With the newest beta, you're able to create and join a Group Session through “join” link that can be sent through an email, or social media or messaging app.

If you want to create your own Group Session, simply play a song on Spotify, select the “Devices Available” logo and select “Start a group session”; you can also select "Scan to Join" (or click the "join" link that somebody messaged you) if you want to join somebody else’s Group Session.

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