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JLab's Affordable Open Sport Wireless Earbuds Are Unlike Anything Else

The JLab Open Sport are wireless earbuds with a modular design. You can wear them as traditional wireless earbuds, or attach them to a pair of sunglasses.

jlab earbuds

JLab just announced a pair of wireless earbuds called the JLab Open Sport that, simply put, are truly unique. That's because they have a sort of modular design that allows them to be worn as traditional wireless earbuds or they can a be attached to a pair of glasses (or sunglasses), which might be more comfortable for you.

Either way, you've got options.

The JLab Open Sport come with two different attachments. The first is a pair of earhooks, which you attach and they allow allow you to wear the earbuds similar to the Beats Powerbeats Pro; the earhooks wrap around your ears to better hold the wireless earbuds in place as you workout. The second is a pair of clips that you can use to attach each wireless earbud to your glasses or sunglasses. When not using the clips, they can be attached to the back of the charging case for safe storage.

jlab earbuds
When used with their clip attachments, the JLab Open Sport will grip onto your sunglasses (or regular glasses).

As their name gives away, the JLab Open Sport are a type of "open" wireless earbuds that rest on the outside of your ears rather inside the ear canal. The idea is that the wireless earbuds will allow you to hear your music while also allowing more outside sounds in so you can better hear the environment around you. They are thus meant to be safer for people who run, bike or do some other form of exercise out on busy streets.

(Other popular "open" wireless earbuds include the Bose Sport Open Earbuds and the Cleer Audio Arc.)

Aside from their unique versatility, the other big selling point of the JLab Open Sport is price — at just $80, they're not going to break the bank. They also have an IPX4 rating, meaning that they're water- and sweat-resistant enough to workout with. And they support Bluetooth multi-point, so they can connect to two of your devices simultaneously (which is rare for wireless earbuds this cheap).

The JLab Open Sport are available for preorder now. They'll ship in the next few weeks.

JLab Open Sport
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