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The Best Cable Management Accessories to Declutter Your Home Office

Looking for a cheap and effective cable management solution for your desk? We've rounded up some of our favorites. All under $25.

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If you're working from home, your desk is likely getting a bit crowded. our laptop, monitor, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse all take up space, plus any of the other stuff you actually need to do your job. There's a good chance you have a lot of cords running all over your desk, as well. To combat this and keep your desk (and yourself) better organized, get one of these cable management accessories. They're cheap, effective and will help you be more productive. Trust us.

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1 Blue Key World Cable Clips
Blue Key World
Blue Key World amazon.com
$6.97 (50% off)

For wires like charging cables, which you need ready access to, these cable clips are a great option. 

2 Simple Cord Cable Management Ties
Simple Cord
SimpleCord amazon.com

For bundles of cables out of sight, nothing beats a velcro tie. 

3 Idealstanley Cable Clip Holder
Idealstanley amazon.com

Multi cable holders are great for wrangling multiple charging cables.

4 Zip Tie Adhesive-Backed Mounts
Nova Supply
Nova Supply amazon.com
$10.91 (45% off)

These adhesive mounts are a must for running wires along the edge or back of a desk. 

5 YAMAZAKI Desk Cord Organizer
YAMAZAKI home amazon.com

This cable puck can be used in a variety of different ways, giving you a lot of versatility for your buck.

6 Joto Cable Management Sleeve
JOTO amazon.com
$13.99 (13% off)

A cable sleeve is perfect for turning 12 cables into one big one. 

7 Cable Management Box by Baskiss
Baskiss amazon.com

A cable box is a great place to hide your mess, whether it lives on your desk or under it.  

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