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The Best Laptop Stands for a More Comfortable Home Office

A laptop stand can help you be work more comfortably and efficiently, and it's a great accessory for any work-from-home office. These are our favorites.

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A laptop stand might seem unnecessary, but it has a simple, important job: to make you more comfortable while you work. It raises the laptop's screen, so you don't have to hunch over it, which puts more strain on your neck and back. It also raises the keyboard, which alleviates pressure on your wrists.

When we spoke to Stacy Steffen, an Associate Ergonomist at Humanscale, she stated that two important tenants of home office ergonomics were screen height and posture — and a laptop stand helps with both of them. It elevates your screen (the closer to eye level the better) so that your head is in a more natural and neutral position. It also encourages you to use peripherals, such as a wireless mouse and keyboard, which will encourage you to sit up straighter and be more spread out. The ergonomics of a laptop are inherently cramped and subpar.

That said, laptop stands come in all different shapes and styles (as well as prices). The most important thing is that you want to make sure you get the right laptop stand for your work setup.

What to Look for

Do you use a separate keyboard and mouse? If you don't use a wireless mouse and keyboard, you want a stand that keeps your laptop close — because you'll still need to comfortably use its keyboard and trackpad. If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can have a stand that elevates your laptop's screen higher off the desk.

Do you use an external monitor?
If you have an external monitor, you have a few options. You want to get a horizontal stand if you use the screen of your monitor and your laptop. But if you close your laptop and have it in “closed-display” mode, you can get a vertical laptop stand that allows you to store it, so it doesn't take up as much desk real estate.

Do you travel for work?
The other thing to consider is if your laptop stand will be a permanent solution on your desk or if you need to be more mobile. While a lot of people are planning to work remotely for a while, some people have to travel and need a more mobile workstation. You can buy a laptop stand that's lightweight and collapsible and thus more portable.

Some laptop stands are fixed, some are height adjustable and some are completely collapsible and, therefore great options for the person on the go. Depending on your needs and work habits, you want to make sure you get the one that's the best fit.

Price and materials: This one is pretty obvious, but you can buy a laptop stand for pretty cheap or pretty expensive. Most of the time, the materials that the laptop stand is made of will be the number one thing that drives up the price. The reality is that most people want a laptop stand that makes their workstation look nice, and those tend to be a little pricier.

Why You Should Trust Us

We've been writing about and reviewing computers and accessories — including mice, keyboards, monitors, storage solutions and other peripherals — for near-on a decade. We also work with brands and talk to experts within the audio industry. The below selections of laptop stands are a combination of products that we've had hands-on experience with as well as products that are made by brands we trust.

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