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The Best Apple AirTag Accessories for Your Pets

We've rounded up the best AirTag accessories for your pets, including collars, tags and more.

a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

Apple doesn't recommend using AirTags for pet tracking because if your pet is really off the grid (and off leash) — in the woods or other remote areas — that AirTag isn't going to help since it needs to be in the proximity of other devices in the Find My network which can relay its position.

But that AirTag will help you find your pet if it goes missing in suburbia or another well-populated area. This is why a lot of people are still going to use AirTags for pet tracking.

Common Questions, Answered

AirTag or GPS pet tracker? As we mentioned above, Apple doesn't necessarily recommend that you use an AirTag to keep track of your pets because it relies on needing a nearby iPhone to work. This isn't ideal if your dog or cat runs out into the middle of nowhere. A more dependable option is a GPS pet tracker, like the Cube GPS, Link GPS or Tractive GPS. These use GPS and cellular services so they can better locate your pet when they run off. The catch is that they're more expensive, both upfront and because you have to pay a monthly fee for the cell service.

Are AirTags waterproof? No, but they are close. Each AirTag has an IP67 rating, meaning it can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. For context, this is not quite as water resistant as the latest iPhone 12's and iPhone 13's IP68 rating, which allows them to be submerged in six meters of water for 30 minutes. Basically, if your pet is prone to getting a little wet or even swimming now and again, an AirTag attached to the collar should be fine.

Does it matter which direction the logo faces? When you place the AirTag in a holder, collar or harness, you typically have the option to have the white side or the shiny side (with the logo) facing outwards. It does not matter which direction the logo faces. The AirTag will work either way.

Do the tags/collars come with an AirTag? No, in pretty much every instance the AirTag isn't sold with the tag, holder or collar — you need to buy them separately. You can buy AirTags for $29 each (or slightly less if you buy from Amazon). You can also buy a four-pack of AirTags for $99 to get a little extra savings.

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How We Tested
dog collars with pet trackers on a wooden deck
Tucker Bowe

There are quite a few accessories for attaching an AirTag to your dog or cat— and we tested a good number of them. In our testing, we found that there are two really important things to consider.

• First, get an accessory that easily attaches to your dog's current collar; not all collars are the same and you might want an accessory that "clips" on instead of "slips" on.

• Second, don't get an accessory that hangs too low (or far away) from your pet's collar. It's going to annoy the heck out of your dog and they're going to get up eating your AirTag instead of wearing it.

AirTag Collars for Dogs and Cats

Most of the AirTag accessories are tags not collars, meaning you have to use your own pet collar and attach the AirTag accessory onto it. But there are a few collars that do have a built-in holder for an AirTag.

a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The CollarTrek Leather AirTag Dog Collar ($55) is one of the few true pet collars that has a dedicated slot to hold an AirTag. A "small" size fit my 60-pound boxer perfectly.

CollarTrek Leather AirTag Dog Collar
FollowPaw AirTag Collar
AirTag Tags and Keychains for Dogs and Cats

The vast majority of AirTag accessories are holders and keychains that you're meant to attach to your keys or bag. We've rounded up the best options below.

a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The Spigen ComforTag ($25) is one of the best AirTag accessories because it attaches different to your pet's collar. Instead of needing a ring, it uses a band that you can snap over the collar. It also holds the AirTag extremely close to your pet so you don't need to worry about them getting annoying by a low-hanging AirTag.

Spigen ComforTag
Incase Woolenex Key Clip
Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring
Belkin Apple AirTag Secure Holder
a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The Speck Presidio SiliRing ($15) works well as an AirTag holder. It comes with a metal keychain holder, which screws on and off. However, you'll want to make sure it's tight to the collar or else it could hang low enough for them potentially to chew on it.

Speck Presidio SiliRing
Case-Mate AirTag Case for Dog Collar
Now 49% off
a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The Nomad Rugged Keychain makes a great AirTag accessory for your pet. It's made of two durable sides that you twist together and completely protects your AirTag.

Nomad Rugged Keychain for AirTag
Studio Proper DogTag
Studio Proper
Huan Silicone Collar Sleeve for AirTag
a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The Nomad Leather Keychain is a more elegant solution for a pet accessory. It's easy to slip the AirTag in or out (which is rare, as some accessories make it nearly impossible to remove), but it does hang a little low and might be within reach of your pet depending on where you attach it to its collar.

Nomad Leather Keychain for AirTags
Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring
Casetify Custom AirTag Holder
a dog wearing a collar with a pet tracker
Tucker Bowe

The Speck Presidio SiliLoop ($15) makes a decent AirTag accessory for your pet. It requires to loop it around the collar, so it will likely crinkle the collar up a little bit. (It's really designed to wrap around a bag's handle.) Also, if you pet's collar is too thick it won't work.

Speck Presidio SiliLoop
Spigen AirTag Case Valentinus
OtterBox Rugged Case for AirTag
Nomad Leather Loop for AirTags
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