Survival Straps Paracord Watch Strap

A Watch Strap That Might Save Your Life


If Norman Ollestad’s story got you thinking about what you’d need in a do-or-die survival situation, the Paracord Watch Strap might be for you.

Gear Patrol has covered Paracord products before (wrapped around Jon’s KA Bar Becker Tool and Dan’s Ultimate Survival Kit) but the Survival Straps Watch Strap is likely one of this writer’s favorite executions. The strap is made of several feet of Paracord that can easily unwind and deploy for emergencies. No, it’s not as versatile as the 24′ Survival Strap Bracelet, but the utility is undeniable and it happens to give your watch an entirely different look.

The Survival Watch Strap uses a 316 marine grade stainless steel shackle as a pull-through buckle so you won’t run into any pin failures and in the event you do have to deploy your Paracord (last minute splint, tie down, etc), all you have to do is send yours back along with a story and Survival Straps will be more than glad to send you a new one. How’s that for security?

Cost: $23

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