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5 Modern Hamilton Watches to Consider for Your Collection

From the stalwart favorite Khaki Field to a retro chronograph and more, here are five great options from one of today's most accessible historic watchmakers.

vintage style watch on wrist with leather coat

Hamilton offers some of the best, most accessible options for beginning watch collectors, those on a budget, or fans of cool watches from a historical, American-founded brand. Though now wholly Swiss and part of the Swatch Group, Hamilton design continues to draw upon its American roots. There's a lot in the brand's back catalog for inspiration, too — from railroad-standard pocket watches to marine chronometers, military watches of all kinds, the first electric watch and more. Hamilton watches are even a Hollywood go-to, and have appeared in over 500 films.

The brand's catalog is huge and varied, with just about every type of watch style or genre you could want — and the vast majority are under $2,000 (many are even under $1,000.) With typical features like Swiss automatic movements and sapphire crystals, Hamilton offers solid value and hearty build quality. Check out some of our favorite options below.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical

white field watch on leather nato strap

The Khaki Field Mechanical is so classic, solid and affordable, we at Gear Patrol just can't stop recommending it. It's not polished or packed with refined details: it's just a simple, functional, satisfying tool that draws upon Hamilton's history making military watches (though this watch isn't based on a specific historical reference). Here, a white dial offers bit more pop and interest than that of the typical field watch.

Diameter: 38mm
Movement: H-50 (ETA base)
Water Resistance: 50m

Buy Now: $525

Hamilton Intra-Matic Auto Chrono

blue chronograph watch on tan leather strap

The Intra-Matic sub-collection within Hamilton's American Classics line has the feel of purely distilled '60s panache. The Auto Chrono directly references a Chrono-Matic model from 1968 with the popular "reverse panda dial" motif (light-colored subdials on a darker main dial), here in a striking shade of blue for the dial. Powered by an automatic chronograph movement, it's only 40mm wide for a wearing experience in line with the watch's retro aesthetics.

Diameter: 40mm
Movement: H-31 Automatic (ETA base)
Water Resistance: 100m

Buy Now: $2,195

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical

vintage style pilot watch on nato strap

One of our favorite watches of 2019, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer Mechanical resurrects a famous vintage pilot's watch from the 1970s known simply as the W10. In creating a modern version, Hamilton added details like a rough-textured dial and a refined case finishing but kept the vintage size at 36mm. Overall, despite being moderately sized and understated in design, it somehow offers a totally striking look on the wrist and feels as solidly built as a watch meant for military use.

Diameter: 36mm
Movement: H-50 (ETA base)
Water Resistance: 100m

Buy Now: $845

Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic

steel watch on bracelet

An evolution of the Khaki Field Mechanical above, the Automatic version offers more than a self-winding movement: it's also a step up in terms of fit and finish, with details and refinement in its dial design and case finishing that go a step beyond the basic features of the Mechanical. (Its automatic movement also offers 80 hours of power reserve.) It still offers that military field watch look and the link to Hamilton's history, but in a much more versatile, modern and convenient package for everyday wear.

Diameter: 38mm
Movement: H-10 Automatic (ETA base)
Water Resistance: 100

Buy Now: $625

Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO

large all black watch with black hands and black dial

Made for the upcoming 2020 film Tenet, Hamilton created a limited edition of its bold and quirky, 1,000m water-resistant dive watch. With its all-black coated titanium case and black hands against a black dial, only the red tip of the seconds hand stands out(another version of the watch features blue accents instead). Eye-catching and oversized, the BeLOWZERO is a bold watch meant for a bold wearer.

Diameter: 46mm
Movement: H-10 Automatic (ETA base)
Water Resistance: 1,000m

Buy Now: $2,095

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