If You Only Buy One GMT Watch, Buy This One

The ideal GMT should be able to keep up with an active travel lifestyle, and the Monta Skyquest certainly can.

monta skyquest watch

Monta Skyquest, ~$2,190

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For many years — hell, for many decades — the Rolex GMT Master (and later, the GMT Master II) was the golden standard in GMT watches. Why? Well, because Rolex invented the darn category, that's why! That, and they truly produce perhaps the best GMT watch in the world. However, not everyone can afford what has become a pricey luxury watch.

Plus, the world has changed. These days, there are relatively affordable GMTs from just about every conceivable brand, from cheap quartz options to elegant mechanical tickers and everything in between. The "in-between" part is where American boutique watch brand Monta slips in: Their Skyquest, at roughly $2,000, is hands-down one of the best of the mid-priced GMT watches available on the market today — buy one of these, and you may never need to upgrade.

But don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the reasons why if you're in the market for a GMT, you should Just Get This.


It Can Track Three Time Zones

Because the Skyquest features a GMT hand, a 24-hour bezel and an inner 24-hour track on the rehaut (the space between the dial and the crystal), you can fairly easily track three time zones simultaneously. This makes it super versatile for both frequent travelers or folks who simply have to keep track of business or family in multiple places around the world. Few GMTs offer similar functionality.

It's Built Like a Dive Watch

At 304m water resistant with a screw-down crown and Oyster-style bracelet, the Skyquest could easily manage beneath the waves with the best of them. Of course, the lack of a count-up bezel makes a dedicated dive watch more suitable for diving, but if you're worried about taking the Skyquest off when you jump in the water, don't — it can handle it just fine. Which, of course, makes it the perfect travel companion.

monta skyquest watch
Monta Skyquest 24-Hour with Date

It's Versatile

The Skyquest comes with a great steel bracelet, but its good looks and 20mm lug width mean that you can pair it with all manner of straps — from NATOs to perlons to leather to rubber and more — and it'll still look great. And because the guys behind Monta are also the guys behind Everest straps, you can easily find something that'll pair perfectly with the Skyquest to dress it up or down.

The Price Is Right

Is $2,190 an impulse purchase for most people? Certainly not. But think about what you're getting for $2k — a Swiss-made watch that tracks three time zones, is perfectly comfortable in the water, takes incredibly well to different straps, is well sized and looks killer. You're simply not going to find this kind of value at the blue chip-brands level without spending multiples of this number.




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