Daniel Craig Was Just Spotted Wearing a MoonSwatch

The actor that played James Bond can make any watch look like a million bucks.

daniel craig and blue plastic watch

You'll mostly find Daniel Craig sporting an Omega watch, whether it's a Seamaster Diver as James Bond or a Seamaster 1948 as Benoit Blanc. As Daniel Craig, however, he chose another Omega for his appearance at the National Board Of Review Annual Awards Gala film industry event in New York this past weekend: the $260 MoonSwatch.

Normally, a plastic watch isn't exactly the go-to accoutrement for an elite celebrity event, but the Swatch x Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch is exceptional in many ways. Despite its low retail price and unassuming plastic (ok, Bioceramic) construction, though, the watch's hype and the difficulty of actually getting one have made it a flex even for celebs. It also goes to show that, despite plateauing hype and increasing availability the MoonSwatch still enjoys an exalted status.

Craig is an Omega ambassador, so his choice isn't completely out of left field. But if there was any doubt that the unprecedented Swatch x Omega collab product constituted anything less than a fully legit Omega watch (as some traditional collectors might assert), consider it dispelled. (As if "Omega" and "Speedmaster" branding all over it weren't enough.)

Maybe Craig chose to wear it now because he was finally able to get his hands on one and wanted to show it off. The MoonSwatch is known to be tough to actually procure. It remains unavailable online, sells out quickly at boutiques, often goes for above retail price on the secondhand market — and therefore has a desirability factor that puts it alongside much higher-end watches in terms of exclusivity.

Which of the 11 models did he choose? Paired to a dapper suit, it's the deep blue Mission to Neptune. Daniel Craig is always dapper and proves that it's the wearer that makes the watch look good rather than the other way around.


Swatch x Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to Neptune


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