Tudor Heritage Black Bay Diver

Tudor goes back to the future

Given the overwhelmingly positive reception that greeted Tudor’s Heritage Monte Carlo Chronograph at Basel 2010, it should come as little surprise that they have mined the past for inspiration once more with their latest debut. For 2012, their dive watches get the treatment in the form of the Heritage Black Bay Diver, which is an homage to the vintage Tudor divers so popular with collectors these days.

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With the Heritage Black Bay Diver, Tudor has taken the case and gilt dial from their famous ref. 7922 Oyster Prince Submariner “Big Crown” and updated it with the handset from their desirable “Snowflake” Submariners of the 70s. While some may balk at the mix-n-match approach that Tudor has taken with this latest addition to their Heritage series, it does manage to cleverly integrate several iconic design cues from their illustrious past in a single watch. More controversial, however, is the decision to go with a red timing bezel, and yet somehow it all works together brilliantly. The watch can be paired with either a fabric strap, aged leather strap or bracelet.

Expect to see the Heritage Black Bay Diver in European and Canadian authorized dealer’s display cases in May.

Buy Now: $4,000 (est.)

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