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I Can’t Stop Wearing These Slightly Weird (and Affordable) British Watches

How Kabeer Chopra, co-founder and CPO of Burrow, fell in love with Farer’s well-priced, well-made timepieces.


In Kind of Obsessed, we dish on the products we can’t get enough of. Kabeer Chopra, co-founder and CPO of direct-to-consumer home goods maker Burrow, is obsessed with Farer watches. Here’s why.

The first time I noticed Farer was when I saw the Ainsdale and Pendine Flyback chronographs. I was blown away by the richness of the dial and the laundry list of features the chronograph offered. Surprisingly, this was their entry-level watch, and while it’s a Swiss quartz movement, it still looked like an excellent value and a worthy addition to the rotation.

However, the Hecla Aqua Compressor with the rubber strap is what I fell in love with. It’s a really cool take on a classic super compressor watch with a pretty modern and fun aesthetic. If you’re looking for something unique to put on your wrist without breaking the bank, the barrel-shaped design really stands out.

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Kabeer Chopra is the co-founder and CPO of Burrow, a NYC-based furniture and home decor brand. Its Nomad sofa is one of the best values in furniture. burrow.com

If you’re looking for something unique but more understated, the Lansdell hand-wound watch is just beautiful — the cushion case design allows you to double this up as an everyday beater or a more formal watch. Plus, if you’re a big racing geek as I am, the British racing green is an added bonus.

It’s apparent the Farer team has put in a lot of effort in making every collection and every watch adapted to every mode of travel or adventure. It’s the attention to detail to every aspect of the watch that’s really impressed me — each and every watch they put out has a unique take on the case, buttons, dial, engraving, movement or strap. Most brands take years, if not decades, to build out such a wide portfolio. I think Farer’s hit a homerun with every watch they’ve released.

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