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The Best Quartz Watches Under $100

All you need in an affordable watch is available courtesy of quartz technology.

skagen mens pro planet aaren naturals quartz

Don't listen to all the pretentious watch snobs out there: you don't need to spend a lot of money for a decent watch. At under $100 you can still get satisfying, attractive, robust time-tellers that can offer many years of satisfying wear — and with a quartz movement, they'll likely be more accurate than fancy mechanical watches costing many times more. Most of all, an inexpensive quartz watch is one you don't need to worry about. Below you'll find some great options.

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Casio World Time
Casio amazon.com
$20.31 (19% off)

Casio could theoretically overwhelm any list of best quartz watches under $100, but we'll make a tough choice and narrow it down to a couple of our favorites. (Also check out the F91-W and Databank). For its price, features and nifty throwback style, the World Time is classic and has charmed many a Gear Patroler.

Diameter: 39.5mm
Water resistance: 100m
Manufacturer infocasio.com

Timex Weekender
Timex timex.com

Sometimes you just want a simple, classic watch that tells the time and that you can enjoy for years for not a lot of money. Many watch collectors think back fondly to their early days of owning a Timex Weekender and the appreciation it gave them for watches. 

Diameter: 38mm
Water resistance: 30m
Manufacturer infotimex.com

Bertucci A-1R Field Comfort
Bertucci amazon.com

A classic military look in the tradition of field watches going back decades, Bertucci's A-1R is a favorite handsome, high bang-for-buck option. The smaller 36mm size characterizes watches of this style and a reinforced plastic case keeps it durable as well as lightweight on the wrist.  

Diameter: 36mm
Water resistance: 50m
Manufacturer infobertucciwatches.com

Citizen BI1045
Citizen amazon.com

This dive-style watch from Japanese watchmaker Citizen offers sporty looks and 100m of water resistance, perfect for a swim or as a daily driver. A 42mm-wide case offers a bolder look, but the polyurethane strap will keep it light and comfortable on the wrist. 

Diameter: 42mm
Water resistance: 100m
Manufacturer infocitizenwatches.com.au

Swatch Isikhathi
Swatch amazon.com

This Swatch belongs to a new line from the brand that uses "bio-sourced" plastic for the case and strap. It's interesting but also designed with a fun attitude, and this model should accommodate anyone who prefers smaller diameter watches — but there are similar options from Swatch for those with girthier wrists as well.

Diameter: 34mm
Water resistance: 30m
Manufacturer infoswatch.com

Casio G-Shock GW6900-1
Casio amazon.com
$86.74 (33% off)

Beloved by soldiers and police around the world, the G-Shock is the ultimate in tough, functional watches. This version of the absolute classic 6900 series has everything you need, from accurate quartz timekeeping and a legible display to eminently practical and convenient solar charging. 

Diameter: 41mm
Water resistance: 200m
Manufacturer info
: casio.com

Skagen Aaren Naturals
Skagen amazon.com

With the sleek minimalist design sense Scandinavian companies are known for, this collection from Danish brand Skagen focuses on sustainability and environmental responsibility. It features a steel case made from at least 50% recycled material and a leather-styled strap made from mulberry. 

Diameter: 40mm
Water resistance: 50m
Manufacturer infoskagen.com

Seiko Solar SNE039
SEIKO amazon.com
$156.00 (20% off)

This handsome steel watch from one of the most celebrated watchmakers in the world offers not only excellent build quality and general bang-for-buck, but solar charging. Versatile style, quartz accuracy and no battery changes = no worries.

Diameter: 37mm
Water resistance: 30m
Manufacturer infoseikousa.com

Bulova Classic
Bulova amazon.com
$105.00 (40% off)

A dress watch is usually just a simple watch, so that means it can also make for a great everyday option. This example from the historic company Bulova offers a clean look with legible stick hands and hour markers against a silver dial. On a black strap, it's elegant and easily adapted for just about any situation.

Diameter: 37mm
Water resistance: 30m
Manufacturer infobulova.com

Nixon Base Tide
NIXON amazon.com

You don't need to be a surfer to love the fun and casual feel of Nixon's line of watches made for the sport. It's even better if you need to track tides, but also just a durable watch made for outdoor activities that you don't need to baby or worry about getting wet. It even comes in a range of colors, from serious black to vibrant hues. 

Diameter: 38mm
Water resistance: 100m
Manufacturer infonixon.com

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