Our Best Tips and How-To Stories of the Year

A look back at the best how-to stories our writers tackled over the course of 2017 — watches, road bikes, roasting chickens and more.


365 days is a lot of time to seek out stories on adventure, gear, and everything in between. Here’s a look back at the best stories our writers tackled over the course of 2017 — from a better roasted chicken to watch hacks to how to get a better fitting road bike.

The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

This workout takes just 20 minutes, and can be done in any hotel room — or honestly any living room.

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How to Make Your Bed Like a Navy SEAL

The secret to a crisp — and clean — bed? The humble hospital corner.

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How to Roast the Perfect Chicken

Or, how to impress friends, family, and win at leftovers.

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How to Get a Better-Fitting Road Bike

Make ill-fitting bikes a thing of the past.

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This Is the Best Cup of Coffee in America — Here’s How to Make It

From Dylan Siemans, winner of the Brewers Cup at the 2017 U.S. Coffee Championships.

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Selling Your Car? Here’s How to Make as Much as Possible

There's a little bit more to it than just taking pictures, listing it and sitting back and watching the offers flood in.

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How to Back Up Your Entire Computer

Photos, videos, downloads, music, apps, settings, folders – make sure it's all locked away safely.

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How to Edit Your Photos to Look Professional

Dump the filters and dig in with these easy tips.

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How to Become a Gmail Master

You can send emails that self-destruct, Snapchat style.

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Expert Hacks for Buying Vintage Watches on eBay

Understand the risks before reaping the rewards.

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How I Made My Watch Better for Only $10

Changing your watch band is an easy way to refresh your watch; mesh just happens to be the best way to do it.

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The Best Products of 2017

A look back at the year in gear. From superlative whiskey to sustianable denim, these were the best products released in 2017. Explore the Series

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