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This Week in Gear: May 25 – 29

A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear.


Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of killer new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over Sunday football and start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.


Rapha x Bang & Olusfsen BeoPlay H6 Headphones
Rapha have teamed up with Bang & Olusfsen for a limited edition of B&O BeoPlay H6 Headphones, the cable for which, equipped with an inline remote and microphone, is detailed in Rapha’s signature pink colorway. The ear pads are made with the same African Hair Sheep leather used to make the cycling brand’s GT Gloves, which is favored for its soft texture, sweat resistance and breathability, while the headband inner is made with the technical fabric used in the Pro Team Softshell Jacket. $430

Founded by former Ironman competitor Mark Jensen, GLUKOS differs from other energy supplements by avoiding sucrose and fructose, which the body must covert to glucose before it enters the bloodstream. Made with only the ingredients found in an IV bag — water, glucose and a number of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium — GLUKOS is available to athletes in a handful of different forms (powders, bars, gels, etc.) for immediate, sustained energy. glukosenergy.com

DSPTCH Shoulder Bag
This technical shoulder bag from DSPTCH is designed to handle the needs and abuse of everyday wear. The main compartment includes a padded sleeve for small laptops and tablets, while the front panel pockets are fixed with secure magnetic closures that allow for quick access. Equipped with military-spec webbing and rugged Duraflex plastic hardware, DSPTCH promises a lifetime guarantee. $134

WILDSAM Brooklyn Field Guide
Brooklyn is the latest to join WILDSAM’s line of American field guides, which also includes Austin, New Orleans and Nashville. Though not technically a “city”, the New York City borough, stretching 71 square miles, is packed with enough culture and history to to warrant its own guide. WILDSAM cover all the basics, with curated lists of restaurants, hotels and bars, and then some thorough, insightful interviews and essays about Brooklyn. $18

Brooks Cambium C15 Carved Saddle
The legendary English saddle-maker Brooks is making the Cambium C15 model even better by ergonomically carving out a top section to relieve perennial pressure experienced by many cyclists on the road. It still features the same narrow shape for performance-minded riders, made with vulcanized natural rubber, organic cotton and die-cast aluminum for a firm but supple construction. $165

The Motley Palo Santo Cologne
The limited-edition Palo Santo scent from The Motley finds the Los Angeles-based brand staying close to its roots, aiming to capture the olfactive spirit of SoCal. Warm and smoky, the scent also carries delicate notes of hops and palm wood for balanced sweetness. Available in an 8mL rollerball vessel or a two-ounce spray bottle, both options are TSA-approved and worthy additions to your dopp kit shortlist. $50+

Voke Tab
If your mornings begin with a cup of coffee at home and then two more cups before you enter your office door, it may be time to look for another source of energy. Voke tabs may be your ticket: guarana berries, green tea leaves and acerola cherries pumped into a mint-size tab for enhanced focus and memory. It’s an easy way to give your day a boost a more natural way. $7

Fight Club 2
One the most anticipated comics of the year, Chuck Palahniuk’s sequel to Fight Club hits stores tomorrow. Packed within 32 pages of vivid color is the return of Tyler Durden. If it’s anything like the cult classic, it’s easily worth a read. $3

Wings + Horns Leather Slip-Ons
Wings + Horns’ slip-on sneakers bring the craftsmanship of Italian leather to a signature summer shoe. Designed with premium calfskin, rugged stitching and custom mélange elastic, these sneaks speak to a sophisticated sort that value quality in a simplified form. $380

iPhone Lightning Dock
Apple’s Lightning Dock for iPhone 5 and 6 provides an upright charging station that syncs seamlessly with your desktop or countertop. It features an audio line-out port to connect with powered speakers as well as easy compatibility with other Lightning accessories. Like most of their products, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. $39

Corridor Hunter Green Forest Tie
Corridor’s Hunter Green Forest Tie uses a stark arrangement of flora and fauna to give this classic garment a unique mix of vintage artistry. Three inches at its widest point and constructed with distinctly thick lining, this tie provides a prominent knot to an upscale look. $95

Intex Roll’n Go Airbed
The Intex Roll’n Go Airbed brings an elevated sleeping experience to your tent. Its eco-friendly, TPU laminated fabric gives you an ultra strong and ultra light pad that won’t fill up your pack. And with five inches of lift you’ll be able to find a full night’s sleep in even the most remote locations. $57

Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey
In November, three GP writers spend a week on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail learning all they could about America’s iconic spirit. For those who’ve read it, yet still crave more bourbon, pick up Reid Mitenbuler’s latest, which delves deep into the history, allure and various adaptations of the intoxicating elixir. $19

Beyond: Our Future in Space
The possibility of leaving Earth to settle elsewhere isn’t exactly a new topic. We’ve all seen Interstellar by now. But Chris Impey’s new book, a tome of speculation from a University of Arizona Distinguished Professor, explores more realistic possibilities of space travel. Want to know where space travel will probably be in 20, 30, and 100 years from now? Read Beyond. $19

Eddie Bauer Quantum Tee
In the market for a technical t-shirt? Here’s Eddie Bauer’s Quantum Tee. It utilizes a FreeVent Pro venting technology, which has unique polymer materials in specific areas to control body temperature. When sweating, the polymers expand to allow airflow. When cool, the polymers contract. The t-shirt also has cut-out ventilating patterns along its the abdominal and back regions. $50+

Two Good Rounds TITANS
Golf isn’t just played on the course. Elisa Gaudet’s book interviews 33 of the sport’s most influential businessmen (Herb Kohler, Donald Trump and John D. Rockefeller Sr. to name a few) as well as legends like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Together they reveal secrets, both in business and golf, and give readers a look behind the sport’s curtains. $20

Always have a buddy, especially when venturing into the wild. If you don’t have one, get one with this app. Gociety is a social network that helps connect likeminded outdoor adventurers. After creating a free account, users can browse what other people in an area are doing, or list their own outdoor adventure to chum the app’s waters. Free

Montar Universal Car Mount
For most of us, Google Maps is our Virgil, guiding us from point A to point B. But driving while holding a smartphone is dangerous, and illegal in most states, so get a car mount. This one suctions to your windshield or dashboard and can hold a smartphone with a 6-inch screen. Buy one and put their “world’s strongest car mount” claim to the test. $30

Olivers Apparel All Over Short
After the successful launch of their flagship boxer briefs, the team at Olivers Apparel is attempting to redefine man’s perfect pair of do-everything, go-everywhere shorts. Aptly named The All Over Short, each pair is constructed from a nylon-spandex blend for both stretch and water resistance, while equipped with a military-spec para cord drawstring and ballistic mesh pockets. Available in eight different colors, and rising just above the knee for casual comfort, it looks like the brand might just have pulled it off. $68

Alpha Mind Coffee
Though coffee is naturally rich in antioxidants, Alpha Mind are elevating the drink’s health benefits even further by adding B-vitamins, potassium, sodium and iron to their line of single-origin Arabica beans, sourced from Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Also offered in French vanilla and hazelnut roasts, each of the brand’s coffees are available in travel-friendly pouches for quick pick-me-ups on the road or trail. $2+

Apolis Hand Loomed Beach Towel
Handmade in Mumbai, India with traditional looming methods, these luxury beach towels are lined with a highly absorbent cotton terry fabric to soak up sweat and ocean water this summer. Available in understated red, navy or olive stripe patterns, they’re refined without coming off contrived, and go just as well in your bathroom as they do laid out on your coast of choice. $48

Brilliant Bicycle Co.
Nice bikes are expensive. Custom bikes are even more so. Yet Brilliant Bicycle Co. is an outlier. They hand craft each bike and then customize it to fit your height. Available in either a traditional or relaxed frame (think beach cruiser), each bike is designed for the casual summer rider. And did we mention that they’re half the price of retail bikes? brilliant.co

Shinola Rambler GMT Watch
The Rambler is Shinola’s first travel-focused (GMT) watch. It’s water-resistant to 100 meters, features Detroit-built Argonite 515.24H movement, and its stainless steel case looks dapper no matter what time zone you’re in. $750

Want to get better at tennis? Become a good writer? Learn how to act? Masterclass is an app that connects average Joes with professionals via video lessons. Each professional costs $90, but that money grants users lifetime access to numerous instructional videos. And who are the professionals? Tennis great Serena Williams, writer James Patterson and Academy Award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman, to name a few. masterclass.com

Roots XL Summer Collection
For many, summer means tank tops — but our friends up north needn’t forgo sleeves. For them, we recommend Roots’ just-launched XL collection, an understated set of shirts, sweaters and shorts made from lightweight double-knit jersey and designed by Adrian Aitcheson. Think of it as a collection of subtle street wear and less neon gym attire. $45

Treeline Outdoors Roof-Top Tent, Gen 2
Simple summer staples are “good enough” by nature — until someone makes some tweaks. Perched atop a motor vehicle, Treeline Outdoors’ original rooftop tent made your car into a car camping mega tent. The new model features a lightweight, curved foldout design that sheds water with ease, plus rainfly skylights, a waterproof underside and plenty of storage accouterments. Once assembled, the folded tent fits comfortably atop a van or in the bed of a truck. treelineoutdoors.com

Ruffwear Load Up Harness
No man should leave his best friend behind for a camping trip. (We mean the dog.) Make sure your pooch is secured and comfortable on the bumpy road to the campsite with this harness, which has been tested to withstand vehicle crash tests (according to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213). Simply attach it to a seatbelt, strap the dog in and rest assured your companion won’t land face down after a hard stop. $80

Rewilder Caution Collection
Make sure you you carry your wilderness miscellany in a bag that was made with respect to the wilderness. Rewilder’s new “Caution” collection is a series of striking red totes and pouches handmade from salvaged post-consumer waste, all from a Los Angeles-based facility the company touts as being devoted to fair wages. rewilder.com

Moleskine Timepage App
If you’ve still got too much work to make your escape to the wild, Moleskine’s new Timepage scheduler app could be a good tool to square away the last of your work in as little time as possible. It syncs all of your calendars and schedules — along with associated weather forecasts, maps and contacts — into one clean stream of events you can scroll through with ease. Hide and highlight certain calendar events with mere swipes and taps, and enjoy transit, contact and locale suggestions based on your history, among other features. Compatible with iCloud, Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars; available on iPhone and Apple Watch. $5

Impressed Bag Co.
When you’re finally ready to welcome the end of the fiscal year, you should make sure your suit is ready too. And Impressed Bag Co.’s innovative duffel will keep it that way, using a series of magnets to keep your suit — and your gym clothes, should you desire — readily pressed. $350
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