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Flower Mountain

Good morning, and welcome to the latest edition of This Week in Gear — your single-shot serving of an entire week’s worth of the best new gear pulled from our weekday editions of Today in Gear. Bookmark it to peruse over a cup of coffee or before you soak up the last of your weekend freedom, then start your Monday completely up to speed. Here’s to another fantastic week.

Monday, May 7th

This $99 Lamp Will Stop You From Hating Your Office Lighting

Don't have enough desk space for a lamp?

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The Reusable Straw That Raised Almost $1 Million on Kickstarter — And Why You Should Buy One

Finally, a collapsible and reusable straw you can take with you anywhere.

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Your Mom Will Appreciate This New Knife More Than You

KA-BAR is best known for the folding and fixed-blade knives it makes for survivalists and EDC enthusiasts, but its latest knife, designed in collaboration with the current author of the world's most famous cookbook, is...

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Heads Up, This New Life Jacket Might Be the Most Innovative in Years

A life jacket that isn't uncomfortable, allows you to turn your neck and doesn't get in the way? You don't say.

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Tuesday, May 8th

This Stupidly Pretty, Highly-Customizable Desk Organizer Is Finally Available

It's probably excessive, I could probably find something cheaper, but it's so damned nice to look at.

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This Is The Ultimate Portable Power Bank for Travel Photographers

It's the largest capacity power bank system that you can legally fly with

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This Service Will Land You the Campsite of Your Dreams, Last Minute

The most picturesque campsites in the world are often booked months in advance, and unlike fancy hotels, there is no national park Expedia to send you an alert when a site suddenly becomes available. Now...

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Own a Beautiful Vintage Ducati Without Destroying Your Bank Account

It's not very often you see a vintage Ducati in such good condition going for such a temptingly-low price.

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The World’s Most Awarded Rye Whiskey Maker Just Released a New Whiskey

WhistlePig only makes rye whiskey and we're all better off for it.

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Seiko’s Iconic Tuna Diver Goes Fully Digital

That's a good thing.

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Finally, High-Performance Running and Cycling Sunglasses For All

Add a little street cred to your running kit.

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Be Like Lebron James. Pick up this L.A. Brand’s $36 Cap.

A washed cap made in LA.

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Law Enforcement Camo Found Its Way onto These Everyday Backpacks and the Results Are Awesome

Just when we thought the color black couldn't get cooler, Aer releases two of its most popular backpacks in a new camouflage print.

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Wednesday, May 9th

This Mousepad for Apple’s Magic Mouse Helps You Be More Productive

It's specially engineered to make the Magic Mouse glide with less friction and more precision.

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These Italian-Made, Japanese-Designed Shoes Are a Crazy Jumble, in a Good Way

The Japanese and Chinese designers behind Flower MOUNTAIN pull inspiration from nature in order to make streetwear-worthy shoes for the city.

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Marshall Redesigns Its Popular Headphones: More Comfort, Better Sound

You still get Marshall's famed all-black design with brass accents.

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This Knife Is Basically a Machete, Is Probably Unnecessary, and I Couldn’t Care Less

This knife is both the best Father's Day gift ever and completely excessive.

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The Lighter of the Future Is Here, and It Uses Lasers

There doesn't need to be an update to the classic Bic lighter, but in Power Practical's forthcoming Sparkr lighters we have one anyway.

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Thursday, May 10th

This Over-Engineered Dopp Kit Won’t Drive You Insane

Thoughtfully-organized and cesspool-resistant.

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These Super-Limited Boots Are Based on an Iconic WWII Model

Cut from black rough-out Japanese steerhide.

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Keep Your Watch Looking Factory-Fresh With This $26 Cleaning Kit

It comes with a cleaning solution, microfiber cloth and a soft-bristle scrubber.

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This Humble Kitchen Tool Just Got an Absurdly Excessive Upgrade and I Need it ASAP

Kitchen graters are notorious for cutting fingers, being impossible to clean and developing rust way too quickly. This new model solves all of this.

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Friday, May 11th

A $38 Bottle of Bourbon Just Won One of the Biggest Awards in Bourbon. Again.

Ben Milam Whiskey in tiny Blanco, Texas just took home two Golds and one Double Gold at the biggest spirit competition in the US.

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Do You Really Need a Full-Sized Pocket Knife?

For most of us, the effectiveness of a full-sized pocket knife can be lost. If most of the tasks you perform with your blade involve small and precise cuts, then all you might need is...

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You Can Buy the Rare Japanese Hoodie John Mayer’s Wearing

Get it through a Zenmarket auction.

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